"help me, I am lost"


This picture was in a roll of film developed by new owners of a house who found it in their basement. It was there for years apparently. It is double and another even triple exposure indicating many years it was untouched. The person who showed these on FB is hesitant on turning them over to police in fear they were 'Actors'

I feel they are genuine and decided to show them in hopes this can be explained. Good or bad.

There are more. Please continue to look at them. I believe one, of what appears to be the abductor,  can identify him through the tattoos and face. I believe there are two seperate men. Perhaps 'Sex Traffickers'  and the reason I am not  placing the state these were found. 

Email me if you think you know who she is with dates of her disappearance and I will pass on all leads to the persons who acquired these unfortunate photographs.

I am not investigating. I am only passing any information on.


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