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Junes Final Moments with Dad

The most unpleasant place to be yet we all will face this sometime during our lifetime. A difficult call for a psychic. - Update: June's dad passed a few days later and it was three weeks since the first reading I had with her about him. She has coped very well with having to let him go.

M: hey

Client: Hey girl!

Client: After I talked to you last time, I was checking with the hospital... blah blah...nevermind

M: ok Client: Listen, just like you said, my Dad didn't come back with me to NJ... but he was moved to another hospital

M: oh shit

Client: I want to go back out there in a few days...

Client: I want to know if my job is gonna give me shit...I filed for FMLA

M: They will say ok Client: Will MY PRINCIPAL GIVE ME SHIT?

M: has he told you he is ready to die whenever the good lord decides?

M: you know, I don't think so because of a man. Again a man

Client: Well no but I figured that much out

Client: Her husband likely...who is also her boss

M: I always pick up a male who has authority over her Client: Well my family is on their way to FL now to see my Dad...

M: They should'

Client: The nurse made it sound like he could go any minute. but that can't be. They gave him MORPHINE

M: For pain.

Client: He is unconscious -NOT DEAD!

M: I think she is right Client: He was NOT in PAIN! SHe's not right

M: let me see

Client: He was fully conscious and having conversations before she gave him that shit

Client: And I think she gave him too much of it

M: where is his wife or.... his mum passed. a woman he waits to hear from, his mom passed on...

Client: She's been gone for a few months now

Client: Dotti is his GF

M: wow, you have a LOT of family on the other side

M: his mum,

Client: and Dotti is at the hospital waiting for him to wake up

M: he's waiting to hear from her. weird huh

Client: Waiting to hear from DOTTI?

M: not dotti. no

Client: His Mother?

M: Yes

Client: Well she is around.. but not around him YET

M: if she shows up he knows the time is nigh

M: He'll go, willingly

Client: He has been talking about how much he misses her and his sister...both died last year

M: ya he wants to go home. He lived his life Client: He said he was tired too.. when I first got there...

Client: I want to sue that woman - that nurse that gave him that morphine.

M: you know his time is close, they will come for him.

Client: He wasn't in pain. She just didn't want to deal with him

M: you need to accept this when they take him

Client: How many days?

Client: I'm On my way there!

M: That only God knows but that first reading I thought 3 weeks.- (I never told her this during the first reading, wasn't time)

Client: Oh... well I feel as though it may be less than that but I'll take three weeks! Hope you're right

M: maybe, but I felt that was about it

Chat ended

After the reading I emailed her telling her to have a heart to heart and tell him it was ok to let go if he wanted. That she would be ok. Sometimes death is drawn out because the person dying is afraid for those they must leave behind.


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