Junes Final Moments with Dad

The most unpleasant place to be yet we all will face this sometime during our lifetime. A difficult call for a psychic. - Update: June's dad passed a few days later and it was three weeks since the first reading I had with her about him. She has coped very well with having to let him go.

M: hey

Client: Hey girl!

Client: After I talked to you last time, I was checking with the hospital... blah blah...nevermind

M: ok Client: Listen, just like you said, my Dad didn't come back with me to NJ... but he was moved to another hospital

M: oh shit

Client: I want to go back out there in a few days...

Client: I want to know if my job is gonna give me shit...I filed for FMLA

M: They will say ok Client: Will MY PRINCIPAL GIVE ME SHIT?

M: has he told you he is ready to die whenever the good lord decides?

M: you know, I don't think so because of a man. Again a man

Client: Well no but I figured that much out

Client: Her husband likely...who is also her boss

M: I always pick up a male who has authority over her Client: Well my family is on their way to FL now to see my Dad...

M: They should'

Client: The nurse made it sound like he could go any minute. but that can't be. They gave him MORPHINE

M: For pain.

Client: He is unconscious -NOT DEAD!

M: I think she is right Client: He was NOT in PAIN! SHe's not right

M: let me see

Client: He was fully conscious and having conversations before she gave him that shit

Client: And I think she gave him too much of it

M: where is his wife or.... his mum passed. a woman he waits to hear from, his mom passed on...

Client: She's been gone for a few months now

Client: Dotti is his GF

M: wow, you have a LOT of family on the other side

M: his mum,

Client: and Dotti is at the hospital waiting for him to wake up

M: he's waiting to hear from her. weird huh

Client: Waiting to hear from DOTTI?

M: not dotti. no

Client: His Mother?