Worried ~ Love Reading

Some Readings people just want assurance everything will be ok, some have specific questions. For Worried (I'll call her) , she wanted to be heard. I try to keep her focused on the best part of her situation but in the end it was the rejection through her mistake that obsessed her. I did my best to uplift her the only way I knew. There were no great words of wisdom to solve her problem.

M: hi

Client: Hi

Client: Can you tell me how life is going to go for me? I'm going through alot right now

M: then we need to break it down. what happened that caused it. you can't jump past the problems, you work through them

Client: Well I'm pregnant I believe my best friend is the father but he has doubts

M: k

M: a boy

Client: Yes

M: how far along

Client: Almost 22 weeks

M: don't have the child and base life on the father helping. he won't i don't think. But a female will

M: be determined. you don't need a man to be a mother

M: you won't move? where do you live]

Client: In san antonio. I don't want to move

M: I mean your own place or with people

Client: He also believes I have powers

Client: He says if the baby is his he will take care of him like he does his other 3

M: then you'll have to have a dna test

M: you won't have to move. you will get the help you need when you need it

Client: Doctor said I conceived between sept 27 28 or 29 i was w him the 28th the other guy I was with was around the 19th of Sept

M: ask the state for help and if you have to work put yourself on the waiting list for daycare with the state. plan now

Client: I hate that he says if he is going to regret not being here for my pregnancy or the birth bc he don't know if he belongs to him I believe in my heart he is

M: just don't plan you future around him anyway

Client: Oh I'm not worried about getting help for the baby i've got that taken care of

M: think of the baby and the rest works itself out.

M: have faith. it will be ok