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What Is Automatic Writing?

As well as reading Tarot and with this and other tools I am able to accurately predict or guide others with the communication I receive. I also do medium readings and Automatic writing. Some people draw their visions, some write them. I write them but, not me, my guides through me. The way I accomplish this is by lighting a white candle to see by (Nothing of value but light) and dim the electrical lights either the lowest I can or completely off. I then pray that Christ is involved for my protection and assured I receive only the truth. I used to only do these sessions at two in the morning but once I was rolling with the ease of what they are saying I began writing while waiting anywhere! I may be picking my daughter up from school, arrived too early so I write or at the park or any time day or night. Who are 'they? 'They are several wise guides who work together to bring reassurance, preparedness, and knowledge to me and for me with encouragement to share with others. They preach only goodness and teach the importance of love, Christ, and the value of life. All that is relayed to me is uplifting even if some things are unpleasant.

Many people who do this omits or replaces words that they feel were not understood but I keep the exact words because If you look up the definitions to words that appear to make no sense you'll find a clearer meaning. They are deliberate in how they speak, ancient-sounding. The only time you'll see a place where a word belongs, blank, is because I can't read my own writing.

When I am finished I read it for the first time because though I write what they say I never remember it after. Once I even fell asleep yet wrote two full pages during my slumber.

You will have to read it several times because understand them can be difficult. This is something that requires thought. Enjoy. They will be titled "Auto Writing ".

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