Vicky ~ Love Reading ~ 5 Stars

Vicky has a crush on an ex coworker and something else briefly enters into it. Always leave room for whatever may come into it however brief it may be. What is received is relayed at the moment.

Client: Hi

M: Hi

Client: my name is Vicky

Client: dob June 7 1987

Client: i like a man Jim dob February 21 1991

Client: does he like me?

M: no need for dob hon

M: that's astrology

M: ok lets see

M: he will only give you half of what he says he will

M: there are two men

Client: Yes

M: it is his choice he does like you

M: i like him

M: give this one enough time to decide

M: don't rush

Client: Do you like Jim?

Client: or the other man?

M: Jim

M: hey a family member will pass soon

M: is anyone ill your aware of

Client: mine? Or his?

M: yours i believe

Client: not aware

M: won't indicate m or f

Client: Close family member?

M: ok, you might hear of a distant relative passing soon

M: no don't think so

M: don't worry about jim and another girl, he has choices but the other female is not a threat

Client: going back to Jim, from your first comment he seems unreliable

M: he is right now

M: he is looking around

M: have you gone out with him yet

Client: How much does he like me? Or just as any other woman?

Client: We spent time together because we used to work together, had lunch , but not a date

M: ok great start

M: does he have your number. he has options. be available let him know you would like to meet up again

M: become friend and let him progress


Customer has ended the chat session


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