Tonya Medium Reading

When someone you love passed and they don't show up for a chance to communicate, others will!

M: morning

Client: Hi

Client: I only have 8 minutes... my husband passed 7 months ago. i hear him calling my name, but I can't make anything else out can you?

M: ok, whats his first name?

Client: Gregg

M: I pick up a young guy and a woman, aunt?

Client: my aunt several years ago

Client: My son in law on sunday she was transitioning, and hubby was 39

M: I'm not getting, well how old is he?

M: No, I don't get him yet but the aunt indicated he is fine

M: he is normally with you but he is doing something right now

Client: which him? husband or son/daughter in law?

M: Gregg

M: There's a celebration coming?

Client: of course he is lol

M: what are you celebrating?

Client: wee morning

Client: well holidays are coming up and a grandsons birthday next month

M : just a small group

Me: did he miss your birthday?

M: grandson ok

Client: no he missed his and our sons in sept

M: he will be there, and so will aunt. awww sorry

Client: That doesn't surprise me

M: but she was indicating an upcoming celebration Client: I haven't dreamed of my aunt in so long. Has she anything specific for me?

M: Well, she came right through, so she is still around you. Very nice, pleasant lady

Client: lol her name was the first word my daughter said and daughter born after she died

M: Well, just that she attends all your gatherings

Client: does Gregg have anything for me?

M: he isn't here hon

M: a young guy is

Client: ok what does he have for me?

M: did you lose anyone in their twenties?

Client: yes, son/daughter in law

M: Really, he is a striking young guy full of energy just came by to say hi

Client: why? yup, that would be him

M: Are you in management...oh did you know there's an angel there as well?

Client: no

M: I rarely see them

Client: wait what????

M: something about to accept things as they are, it is only a minor separation.

Client: clarify please?

M: ya, you're to view Greggs passing as a temporary separation.

M: he angel is there to help you through it, has been there since the beginning

Client: so stay single? I know I will see him again.. but i am young yet

Client: and so confused on angel. i haven't been to church in years

M: there's nothing you can do to change what must happen, (Greggs passing).

M: Was he ill?

Client: that i know

Client: no sudden heart attack