Tony's Path

Some people just need to know they are headed in the right direction.

M: hi


Hello, my name is Tony. I would like a tarot reading

M: question?

M: make it as simple as poss ( was taking much time to ask)

Client: Yes. Am I following the right path in life?

M: ok

M: I get the impression somebody kinda left you holding the bag as if being used as a scapegoat or lefty to clean up the mess they made. Does that make sense?


Also, You contacted an old friend recently?

Client: Yes it does and yes it was my ex. Can you tell me anything that you can see about me?

M: Let her go is what I feel, yes you're on the right path but I do feel you should let her go

Client: I figured. Been confused about her

M: have you traveled lately?

Client: No

M: does she live out of state?

Client: No she lives just outside my county

M: ok'

Client: Her name is Melinda

M: I’m not sure. No need to talk about her

Client: Ok