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Timothy - Medium Reading ~ 5 Stars

Timothy died on Dec 22, 2019 . After a long addiction problem he overdosed on heroin. I knew him briefly. He came to me three days later I believe with a need be heard. I don't usually read a person who just passed on out of respect for their transition. Timothy was 30 years old.


After the reading was sent to a friend of the family's I received validation that the reading was accurate. That written in ( ) is the validation.

Dec 25,2019

With other people. 2-3 small group.

Blacked out immediately.

Tim thinks it was very unfair but justified because of his actions. He was not prepared for crossing over and leaving everyone. Not intentional.

The sentence 'I got out of that' but I don't know what 'that' is. No elaboration on it, just that he's free of something.

He tried to say 'no' and refuse to go but there was no choice because the body was no longer available. So know that he tried to stay. He fought it.

It is Karmic which always means 'it was my time' If that had not happened something else would have.

Feeling a LOT of regret. He puts his head down thinking, wishing he had done everything different.Very emotional now. Either he has a boy child or nephew who was close to him, small child. Smart kid and again feels really bad when he thinks of the child. If not a child then pet? I lean towards a boy child though. (He had one nephew)

He overdid his pleasures (like drugs). He must have been an extremist, goes to extreme when doing things. He truly did not want to behave the way he did that cost him dearly. He did not get and is now not able to get what he hoped for in life. sadness.

He is a very very emotional guy. Sensitive.

He is content there. Look at it like he's starting new. Everything resets and he begins brand new there. No one holds onto things there like we do here. It would have to be differences between everyone to hold a grudge but he had none and his failures are his own. Noone there holds anything against him. He finds that refreshing that he could make such large mistakes and not have it put in his face. It is an entirely different atmosphere there than here.

The issue he now has (and why I think he wanted to be heard so quickly)is that while he starts fresh and loved over there he is aware of your pain. He doesn't like to see everyone upset because he is safe and with love there, though you don't know this. Please try not to focus on his being absent. He is not. This separation will be temporary. Besides he stands beside you ever so often!

Two things happened. Did you lose someone else in the family earlier? Geez. I think he wasn't the first and that's why it will be even harder. He won't tell me who but i'm feeling like there was another passing before him. (In fact someone, a female friend had passed just prior to Tim)

March. March 11? important in a good way. November possibly.

August feels liberating.

Sept. poss sept 21st or 12th. Maybe a date or age.

I don't know exactly what day he died but the 21st comes in strong.

Could be dec (12), the 21st or 23rd. dec 23? I know it is in the ball park because I just got the news but when I see numbers I say what I get and let the family relate it. (He died on the 22cd. But I think I know why he did not give the 22 but rather every other date surrounding it. The theme he was conveying was that he was very much still alive so when he began giving numbers he chose not to give that one. He is not dead just somewhere else. I have no idea what the meaning of the other months or dates are.)

So love is always sent and know he has not left you. Does not plan on it.

I asked if he had a message for Dan Hunter because I know they were good friends. All I heard was 'It wouldn't have mattered' That is the message. I guess not to blame yourself for what he did.

After sending this the person I sent it to validated what I said and thought it was great. However, he said that the family wouldn't appreciate the porn that came with it. I was dumbfounded. What Porn?

Turns out Tim loved porn and was a dedicated porn fan. The gentleman decided Tim was playing a practical joke on him. All I know is that it went from my desktop to his messenger. I certainly did not send it or send an attachment with it either.


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