Susan's Coming Burden

The dreaded readings are these types. Building faith and rekindling hope and miracles is all we can do sometimes, but maybe from it a miracle will be granted. Never give up before there is a need to.

M: hi Client: Hello

M: Who do I have the pleasure to speak with? Client: My name is Susan. Nice to meet you Miranda.

M: So, what is going on tonight? Client: I just would like to know if I need to prepare myself to lose a loved one.

M: ok. is there someone who is ill? Client: The last few months have been nothing bad stressful. Yes, my mom. We just found out she's got an autoimmune disease with no cure.

Client: I've been staying strong, lost my father in law in October, mother in law has lung cancer. And then with my mom. I feel close to a major breakdown.

M: if there is no cure then you need to ask the doctors how this is likely to play out. Then look it up with the word holistic healing in it and find alternatives that will blend with the doctors treatment M: Autoimmune? is that HIV? Client: Well, they put her on medication. We go Thursday to do tests to see how advanced it's done. No, not HIV. It's primary biliary cholangitis.

M: ok. lets have hope. I can't declare her time to go. It would be wrong M: and maybe they can maintain it Client: I wasn't looking for a direct time, I just hope we still have many years. Im just hoping things will start to look up cause it's been hard.

Client: Do you do tarot readings?

M: You need to raise that bar between you and god, also . I feel like your spirituality is weakening Client: : yes I do. I've been losing faith, but haven't given up completely

M: I'll tell you yes anyway Susan. To say anything different gives you no hope or room for miracles. Don't let her give up. M: Research everything you can about it

M: people are given death sentences, like you have 6 months, only to defy all odds and live 2 more years

Client: I have been and that's why I'm going with her to Drs so i can understand. My mom kept it from me for about a month cause where i had everything else happening.

M: Understand what I'm saying? Client: Absolutely

M: cling to that. What will be, if it is ordained, will be. defy it

End of Session

Everybody Dies. Some don't get the time to say goodby