Short But Informative Read

It is not always a lot of words that give us a lot of beneficial advisement. Sometimes less is more!

M: hi Client: Is there anything my guides want me to do differently in my daily routines?

M: do you have a name Client: Mary 🙏🏼

M: ty

M: The three things I get is this:

M: 1. You should not overindulge but do enjoy the simple pleasures M: 2. Know when to retreat. You can't win every battle so don't try to M: 3 Your schedule is fine. you can deviate from it on occasion. Sometimes no plan is a good plan M: make any sense Client: Yes, thank you. Anything I need to be on the lookout for?

M: ummm do you have pain in your back area? Client: Back neck and shoulders yes

M: ya, change the position of sleeping will help some Client: Thank you! Client: Appreciate this thank you!!

M: yw

The chat has been disconnected


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