Sheryl ~ Love, move and mediumship

Sheryl jumps subjects frequently. I will say for you to have a list prepared but it is harder to read several situations without warning, best to finish one then move to another. Not as this client did.

Part One

M : hi

Client: Hi this is Sheryl with dob of _____________ M: no need for dob

M: question helps though

Client: Will Amos come back to me? His dob is_______________ M: no need for dob i am not an astrologer

Client: He has been quiet since Jan 8 M: Ok. who recently lost someone, they passed away? Client: I don't know if my ex Zeke lost someone Client: He has been hiding M: He is not calling you deliberately. frowns on relationship

M: no trip or no move

M: who has a boy Client: Amos never said he had kids Client: Zeke has daughters M: is it possible i am picking up an abortion

Client: Harry, my more recent ex..we had miscarriage M: Amos will not return...........oh ok so you lost a baby. was a boy, have another

Client: And a family friend had their 27 year old son die recently Client: Is asish with someone else M: ohhh ok but i was picking up a small boy., not a friends i don't think

M: no

Client: Or just does not like me M: he isn't ready.

M: careful of your car if you drive a ways, might breakdown. ha

06:00 Customer has ended the chat session.


M: hello again

Client: It's a pretty new car, and I will be going to Virginia Client: Will have it checked though M: how far is that

Client: 8 hours Client: Do u see me meeting anyone new M: ya about right, just make sure the cars looked over or check tires...

M: ummm

M: let me see

Client: My divorce is final in May, Harry dragged it out Client: We never lived together and had two IVF/miscarriage incidents M: why be in a hurry. a great chance to meet many men and do for yourself a bit

Client: I am 42, if I don't meet someone in a year or so, I won't have kids M: Things get better, not worse but things improve slowly

Client: Doc is saying IVF after 44 is not really successful M: you'll meet someone, yes, not for awhile and from another area Client: Should i move to California Client: I am applying to jobs there M: you'll try to move towards him after you meet him M: ohhh M: if we get disconnected its because my laptop is dying Client: I thought amos might reconnect if I am closer M: no M: no amos M: wait for another. no move till then i think Client: I am unemployed Client: I need to look for jobs and nothing is happening in my area Clients: Where should I look M: ok commute M: stretch it out another 40 miles I was told my house is haunted too .Paranormal experts came yesterday M: join the in crowd mine is too. Client: So hence I want leave more M: look for work harder, even a temp agent Client: Ok ,But I should stay in this area? M: lots of competition is the problem

M: well i don't see you moving yet

M: out of area

Client: And do you feel my house is haunted? M: yes ,male is one

M: Old owner M: Atheist..the guy.

M: rem my laptop is going soon Client: How can I get rid of ghost?

M: a woman who used to teach killed in an accident M: no need to , they are pleasant

Client: Ok, the teacher lady hums M: they like to kid around

M : maybe music teacher Client: But paranormal lady said that she recorded chanting M: no ,she was not into that at all

Client: That's the lady singing? M: be careful who you go to

Client: We live off the highway M: one lady, two males. a family

Client: The original owners? M: they may have all been killed at the same time., one is young man

Client: Our shed door burst open recently M: good folk, don't worry

Client: That's never happened M: ya well life bothers them sometimes

M: maybe they are tired of you closing it lol Client: Cant I help them move on? Client: Its unlocked usually M: they are moved on

M: they like the house. where do you think they should move on to?

Client: But is there anything negative M: no

Client: Heaven? if there was an accident, That's not their fault M: who are you or me to determine where that is?

M: do you remember where you're going? Client: i am totally lost now Client: 4 divorces makes me feel cursed M: i say leave them be. they are happy

M: thats you marrying to fast Client: And i don't think I want marriage again. just want one consistent partner M: naaa just take your time looking ,ya you will have it Client: Ma and I wanted to relocate to Virginia

14:12 Oh no! An error occurred.

(My computer was not charged & lost power. End of reading)


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