Shelly-Tyler and Dad - 5 Stars

This is a long reading, but for Shelly worth the time. Everyone and a guest arrived. I can tell you there are few spirits who air their laundry, but on this occasion, it was necessary and healing. The individual personality we have while here comes with us. We don't change when we cross over, but it seems we are faced with truth. But, when we love our family, the truth must be told to relieve them of the pain and put the issue to rest. To error is human, to forgive is divine!

M: Hi :)

Client: HI

Client: Wondering if you can connect with people who have passed away in my life

M: Ok, What is their name?

Client: Will

Client: My dad. Passed away 2008

M: ok. If he isn't able to make it others may come

Client: Ok

M: what is your name?

Client: Shelly

M: was his passing untimed, or maybe he felt it was to early?

Client: Yes very early in life

M: there is a young guy here also. Maybe teens or twentys

M: who might this good lookin chap be?

Client: Young guy? Hmm I’m thinking. What does he look like?

M: brown hair, chatty and loves girls lol

Client: Lol I have no idea

M: cousin or schoolmate? Think back

Client: Passed away while he was young? I’m thinking

M: theres a gesture like toasting, maybe a gathering was going on

Client: I had a friend who passed away in his 30’s

M: how old was dad

Client: 52. young looking

M: the 30 yr old. another untimed

Client: Yes he was someone I still have a hard time accepting passed

Client: That was really hard for me

M: Loved girls lol

Client: Passed in a plane accident

M: he says hello, lucky to have known you. So glad to have this opportunity

M: march, what was important in march?

Client: He reminded me of my dad. We became friends after my dad's death.

M: wow

Client: March… I’m not sure

Client: His name was Tyler

M: Was he vacationing?

Client: Duck hunting trip

M: I want to say they were having fun

Client: Coming home

Client: Yes knowing him they were

M: he had fun. who was the older guy with him?

Client: They were on their way to a surprise birthday party

M: he likes to have fun all the time.

Client: There were 2 older men with him and a young kid

M: ahhhh that's it, the gathering

Client: Yes he does lol Or, did

M: march seems important, so it could be birthday, last time you saw him, the month he died anything. he does still

Client: September was when he passed. July was his birthday

M: he had noooo idea he was not making it back

Client: I’m trying to think of March

M: and yours?