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Separation Anxioty

Sometimes people just need to express their pain, anger and confusion. We can only comfort them and assure them that a future is coming. This one broke my heart, because there was nothing I could tell her to ease her emotional suffering.

M: hi

Client: Hi I’m Wendi. Does my ex miss our son or us?

M: What's his name, Wendi?

Client: Does he regret anything he did to break us apart?

Client: Chuck.

M: ok

M: is there another woman your aware of? Client: does he get any karma? Right now he’s not supporting our son and I feel he is getting away

M: because I pick one up Client: yes, but I don’t know who

M: he is selfish. There are more than one Client: I know he has someone, but is he happy?

M: He is thinking of himself, so he thinks he is Client: Yes he is happy and I’m carrying all responsibility

M: It doesn't mean he won't pay the piper for what he has done Client: he doesn’t seem to get karma or consequences

M: you may not be there to see the punishment he gets, he will. I promise Client: how does he look at himself in the mirror for what he does?

M: your better off without him. He does t know the damage he does

M: because selfish people can Client: so he doesn’t feel bad for anything

M: Not that he doesn't know, he just doesn't care

M: as much as you want him to, no. But he will later, just not right now Client: we are out of his sight so out of his mind?

M: exactly Client: ok. Will he ever regret, or feel any pain he caused?

M: I see it will take awhile for you to accept it , one day he may, but it will have to be a harsh punishment Client: is it my karma to be a single mom?

M: The universe will take care of him when the time is right

M: no, it is not Karma Client: seems like I don’t deserve love or support

M: Not your karma, but you are because of his decisions

M: You do deserve love, and he loved you once but, i'm sorry. It's hard to deal with, I know Client: He's happy and free, while I’m trying my best to take care of me and my son

M: Doesn't mean he will always be Client: its not easy

M: Just take care of your son Client: its not fair

M: It is not fair Client: especially trying to be a mom and being hurt by him

Client: it’s been traumatizing

M: I want to see if you'll find something you deserve coming up Client: I don’t know how or when things will turn around for me.

M: When you make the decision to stop missing him, another will be able to come through

M: But not until you're over him. Might be awhile Client: ok, well ty

Chat Ended


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