Robyn-Love Reading ~ 5 Stars

If they don't make you happy, embrace being alone with yourself, never settle

Session Started 9:15:23 AM

M: hi

Client: hi how are u

M: great. whats on your mind?

Client: I would like insight on relationship

Client: do u see someone coming into my life

Client: I am talking to someone do u see where it is headed

M: ok what's the persons first name

Client: Robyn

Client: Vinny

M: ok let me see

M: are you online dating? i get an unusual way of meeting

Client: thank u. yes

Client: we are until he comes back

M: ok

M: he holds back some but i feel there are emotions from him

M: did one of you hurt yourself? healing is slow but better

M: you won't stay with him, a split is indicated

Client: it has been a hard ye for me

Client: do u see love coming my way

M: well, you won't quite get what you hope for, but i am uncertain about splitting and getting back together later

M: no other men

Client: thank u

M: not for months

M: when is he returning?

Client: he would be different

M: ya possibly not like it is now

Client: could it be worse

M: i don't see other men , maybe you can work it out in the end

Client: seems like he only wants me for beauty

M: not worse

M: well if he doesn't make you happy then to find another will take time

Client: yes

Session Ended 9:23:40 AM