Raquel~Love Reading

Beware of men who move to fast. Infatuation can easily be mistaken for true love but most times burns out as fast as it thrives. This is the case here.

Session Started 11:17:03 PM

M: hi

Client: Hello miranda

Client: Can you take a look at this guy I’m dating

Client: I would like to know his feelings and intentions are

M: what are your names hon

Client: My name is Raquel and his is John

M: ok

M: well not thinking about feelings towards you, more like a social thing

M: are you in a relationship because I don't think so yet

Client: Yes we are

M: no, he isn't ready. he is just dating for the fun of dating

Client: Really smh

M: you'll get angry with him

M: not a bad guy but I just don't think he is taking it seriously

M: Hmmmm

Client: why?

M: how old is he

Client: I don’t get it he’s the one who initiated everything

Client: 37

M: how long since you have been dating

Client: A few months

M: ok, that's not long enough to know

M: I bet he moved fast Client: Yes he did

M: It'll dwindle down

Client: Ok

M: I always say wait 3 months to even decide your a couple because infatuation is or can be misleading for instant love

Client: Right ok

Client: Got it

M: well, see what happens

Session Ended 11:23:49 PM