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Phyllis Plays Trick The Psychic

Another person misleads a reading. She received the truth of what is to come while unprepared for what I said. I was accurate about everything. I was validated throughout the reading. I can not stress enough not to intentionally purchase a reading with the sole purpose of 'tripping up' the psychic. It is a waste of money and I personally do not like wasting my time or feeling that society is hopeless. Phyllis is one of the least spiritual charity workers I have come across. She is one of those who cast that hopeless feeling onto others believing she is intelligent, while carelessly trying to undermine a person's livelihood. This activity doesn't take a brain, in fact, an intelligent person would not do this. Only an ignorant one. That is if anything she said was the truth.

M: hi

Client: Hi Miranda am Phyllis please advise .... Daryl and Larry who is truthful with me

M: but in what way, are you dating both, is it career ???

M: who are they?

Client: Am dating both of them but I wanna settle down

M: oh ok. We will start with Daryl

M: Are they from a dating site or you met them in an unusual manner?

Client: we met back in Africa .. not dating site

M: And I can see you waiting awhile regarding dar...hold on

M: Daryl.... I think you'll split with him

Client: so now Larry

M: Don't you like Larry better?

M: holy crap ...there's another guy. This guy Larry will meet another woman hon

M: so may I ask what Daryl does for a living. I feel a man with great communication skills, dresses a professional way and a lot of paperwork

(At this point I realize she has not responded to anything I have said and it goes silent)

M: hello

M: What happened?

Client: Hello sorry. Daryl is an entrepreneur. So if I will split with Daryl and Larry is to meet another woman ., does that mean I am not compatible with any of them?

M: No, because I think Daryl is returning. I just needed to know if it was him and when he does it completely shocks you

M: so this tells me you think he never would

Client: Oh ok. So Larry and I are not compatible?

M: Well, you're definitely ready for a deep commitment

M: Just don't pick Larry

Client: can you see Larry's life, please

M: he will, if not already, have another woman in his life

Client: Is she in USA or Africa?

M: May I ask how old you are?

Client: 35

M: and do you have a son?

Client: Yes

M: ok. I feel you will make the right decision on a man. right now you're looking but in a few years you'll be married and the choice will be the right one be it Daryl or a third man

M: can you have more kids?

Client: I have no third man And wouldn’t want a new man

M: Really.

Client: yes I would love to have kids

M: How old is the first boy

M: ok, remember this that I say now.

M: Just because you don't 'see' another man nor want to seek out another does not mean it won't happen. All things are possible through Christ's radiant light. and my favorite saying is ~never say never~

Client: Thank you

M: you'll be fine. chose wisely

Client: so Larry has been lying to me cos he’s my baby daddy and I have lived with him for 13 years

M: And are you living with him now because how long doesn't matter

Client: Yes, we live together

M: eventually you'll fork off in different directions. sorry. And who is the other guy?

Client: which guy? Daryl?

M: and basically you deliberately mislead me. yes, Daryl. everything I said is still true but when you lie it may be a future event

Client: I have not lied. Can’t think of another third man in the picture

M: Hasn't shown up yet

Client: Ok then .. how’s my life generally? Success, luck

M: ok, the family looks good but honestly you don't go out of your way enough. in other words, you do only what you need to. spiritually your weak, you need to raise your energy. saving money, or always trying to hold onto it

M: you refused someone recently. an invitation? didn't like the sound of what someone was saying...refused it. I don't know what that means

M: and now you're waiting.

M: I only get a boy. one little boy

Client: I cannot connect my dear

M: who did you say no to recently, think

M: they asked something of you, you said no

M: whose birthday just passed?

Client: I have an ex ... who always asks me out but I always say no .. he always tells how he wants a boy child but I ignored

M: what are you waiting for? your always waiting

M: ohhh ok there's that

Client: I run a charity and am always waiting on for donors and sponsors

M: no trip or move, a struggle with finances or geez emotionally I think your board with life

M: ohh great. what kind of charity and is it having difficulties, not enough donations?

Client: Yes .. not enough donations .. advise on it .. I help the elderly and rural widows for day to day survival

Client: basic needs

M: oh makes sense

M: ok donations will remain difficult for some time. let me isolate it from your personal life

She hung up the chat

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