Phyllis Plays Trick The Psychic

Another person misleads a reading. She received the truth of what is to come while unprepared for what I said. I was accurate about everything. I was validated throughout the reading. I can not stress enough not to intentionally purchase a reading with the sole purpose of 'tripping up' the psychic. It is a waste of money and I personally do not like wasting my time or feeling that society is hopeless. Phyllis is one of the least spiritual charity workers I have come across. She is one of those who cast that hopeless feeling onto others believing she is intelligent, while carelessly trying to undermine a person's livelihood. This activity doesn't take a brain, in fact, an intelligent person would not do this. Only an ignorant one. That is if anything she said was the truth.

M: hi

Client: Hi Miranda am Phyllis please advise .... Daryl and Larry who is truthful with me

M: but in what way, are you dating both, is it career ???

M: who are they?

Client: Am dating both of them but I wanna settle down

M: oh ok. We will start with Daryl

M: Are they from a dating site or you met them in an unusual manner?

Client: we met back in Africa .. not dating site

M: And I can see you waiting awhile regarding dar...hold on

M: Daryl.... I think you'll split with him

Client: so now Larry

M: Don't you like Larry better?

M: holy crap ...there's another guy. This guy Larry will meet another woman hon

M: so may I ask what Daryl does for a living. I feel a man with great communication skills, dresses a professional way and a lot of paperwork

(At this point I realize she has not responded to anything I have said and it goes silent)

M: hello

M: What happened?

Client: Hello sorry. Daryl is an entrepreneur. So if I will split with Daryl and Larry is to meet another woman ., does that mean I am not compatible with any of them?

M: No, because I think Daryl is returning. I just needed to know if it was him and when he does it completely shocks you

M: so this tells me you think he never would

Client: Oh ok. So Larry and I are not compatible?

M: Well, you're definitely ready for a deep commitment

M: Just don't pick Larry