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Old Predictions I Made And Found

Most people going through the attic or stored boxes find things like old toys they played with as a child or clothes they forgot they still had. But when I come across something I forgot I kept, it will most often be in paper form, like unfinished poetry or stories I tried to write. The best finds are my scribbled predictions on scatters of loose papers. Some I found just this week, and when I read the four papers that fell out of a book (yes, I have books), I couldn't believe what I had written! Let me share it with you. You can comment below if you wish to share what you think of them.

It is dated 10/21/09

This would be a year into Obama's first round as president. It would be the time they began pushing the health bill, Obamacare, and the time people were offended by saying Merry Christmas. The Swine flu had come and gone, unable to produce the fear intended. Realtors faced unexpected challenges, many people were being foreclosed on their homes. Black Lifes Matter was born. School shootings escalated. You may be aware or maybe not, but 911 was the beginning of the introduction to the new world order, while during the Obama administration was another, and Pedo-Biden is still another ushering in the visions of a corrupt government wanting a totalitarian society through lies and manipulation. The fight between good and evil has begun.

  1. I had a vision, and this is what I described. I believe I was describing the coming of the Anti-Christ: An angel holding out a cross in both hands as the Devil moves rapidly and directly towards the Angel with force. This lasted a long while, then the Angel began to move with more force against the overpowering Devil. The Devil dissolves, and the Angel still holds the perfectly formed cross until the cross in the Angel,-+s hands was the last unchanged form left.

  2. The Four Horseman: Three of the four horsemen are on their way. One after the other, with little time between the appearance of each one. The first was white, then a darker looking horse, and the last, another white one, but different than the first (Pale). (Death).

  3. The Catholic church begins to change: Image of Mother Mary. changing position without moving at all. She appears to be pregnant.

The rest have come to pass:

  1. Real estate: Sales rise. Hopes fulfilled. Small but significant.

  2. Obama: Disliked even more, popularity lowers considerably. Chance taken failed. People get so bored, focused on what has happened. There is no more excitement. The people already waiting for the end of term to not re-elect him. Another man offers replacement, but I cannot see him. Obama is able to overcome challenges, ending in great fear. People misled, wrongly advised. Lack of trusting medical. No one will like it.

  3. I called it swine flu because I had no name for it and it was swine flu that came out that first year by Obama. It was not that flu I was speaking of. All the elements point toward the Corona Pandemic of 2020: By the end of December, seduction of man and woman regarding exposure to Swine Flu. Passionately convincing them they breathe in germs that cannot be contained or cured. False information. Deceiving the people causes division and arguments. Seductive lies without warmth of home. Will be given Anti-virus and cures with authority and power. People seek this gratefully for the fair handout. Virus does not cure, only gives enough to curve effect, not cure. Secrets remain. Unknown the lies of flu and charity, antivirus limits. Pandemic becomes perfected and appears healed, but a secret is hidden and the future is yet revealed.


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