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Missing Dad

It is just knowing that loved ones are still near us when we can't see or touch them that brings comfort. That's all this woman needed.

M: hello

Client: Hello

M: do you have a question?

Client: i wanna know if my dad is still with me

M: ok, what is his name?

Client: Barry

M: I get someone that is like, can't move, as if a stroke or being stuck

M: They traveled, Client: he was paralyzed

M: who is this person? Client: my dad

M: yes, ok yes, he is there...always near you

M: whose either a boy child or

M: maybe had a pet, male that also passed he had Client: His son also passed

M: oh then a boy, the boy is there as well

M: stays with him

M: family is close

M: he goes out with you sometimes Client: Yes ma’am omg that’s so crazy. I’m so glad they are together

M: like if you go socialize or with people

M: he had a heart attack? Client: My grandpa did and passes as well

M: theres not a grandpa here, a woman

M: talks a lot Client: my grandmother an his sister ( my dads) did

M: sister Client: So they are together?

M: what does october mean to you?

M: sometimes, not as much as the boy and dad

M: she just popped in, oct important Client: October doesn’t ring a bell, I was so little when she passed

M: no dad Client: I’m not sure…

M: and sept or I could say sept 10th Client: Sept 10 is the day his sister died

M: oh ok, when was a trip? Client: can you tell them I love an miss them before the chat ends?

oct? Client: Georgia last year

Chat Ended

Think about who they have longed to see again, and now they can.

Your place without them is only temporary.


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