Matt - Love and Lessons ~5 Stars

Matt wants to know if his relationship with Steve was a punishment of some kind. At one point I tell him it is not over and by the end I realize it will not be over until he releases the hurt and get on with his life.

M: hi

Client: Hi, how are you?

M: hi

Client: I didn't think it went threw lol

Client: Hi, I'd like to ask about a past relationship - just wanted to know if there was a reason for going through this experience.

M: what's your name

M: Okay, it did :)

M: there is always a reason. nothing is a waste if we learn something

M: what is your and his first name

Client: My name is Matt, his is Steve.

M: ok

M: so i lived together?

Client: We did not, no.

M: odd, a sense of i want to go away, like move away'

Client: I have moved away.

M: you can't be done

M: how long have you been split because it isn't over

Client: It's been four and a half years. It's over.

M: oh ok you did move

Client: Yes, I've moved.

M: you'll see him again, not sure it's a good idea though unless i am picking up a new person

1 Minute Remaining 12:52:01 PM

Client: I just wanted to know why I went through this.

M: oh why?...because you chose too. it isn't about success or failure. it is about growing

Session Paused to Add Funds 12:53:01 PM

Session Resumed 12:53:06 PM

Client: I haven't grown.

Client: Was this a punishment?

M: I think he was the...ya you have, you'll utilize it later

M: how old are you?

Client: 44

M: NO!

M: no, sometimes we are in a life long enough to either teach them or learn ourselves

M: you'll have another relationship you know

Client: I don't see what I've learned aside from learning to stay single.

m: chose wisely

Client: No way am I getting involved again.

M: choose

Client: I'm choosing no one.

Client: This was it.

M: that's ok too. not time but when it is you will have another relationship with a very responsible person

M: might own his own business.

M: maybe june

M: your overthinking.

Client: I'm staying single indefinitely. I just wanted to know why I went through this. I haven't "grown," and I'm pretty sure it was a punishment.

M: it's good to have less complications so if not having a relationship brings more peace then that's ok

M: It was not sweetheart.

Client: It's kind of a no-win situation.

M: karma could play a role.

M: Just like everything else in life.

M: all is a state of mind

Client: I mean, if it were a punishment, I'd just like the confirmation.

Client: I'm pretty sure it was.

Client: Thanks anyway.

M: not a waste but when we leave here, we will understand it and the whys

Client: Leave where?

M: you'll date again. i promise

M: this is a temporary feeling

Client: I don't want to date again, I promise.

Client: I'm 44.

M: not now but you will

Client: I'm done.

Client: For real.

M: later you will

Client: ok by

M: ok, goodby

Session Ended 12:59:12 PM

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