Mandy contacts her father-5 Stars

A very good reading contacting Mandy's father. Mandy was very excited and always make me feel good when they leave smiling!

M: hi Client: hello

Client: I was wanting to see you if you could communicate with my father

M: i can try, what's your name and his Client: I'm Mandy, his name is Mitchell

M: Do you have a brother, younger? Client: No

M: young man under 30

M: did someone young pass in the family, even years ago Client: a cousin many years ago.

M: ok was he like, a loose cannon, took risks

M: I also keep getting a J males name Client: maybe, I didnt know him well. Large family.

M: James maybe Client: Jimmy

Client: Omg

M: jimmy ok Client: yes. he is very missed by his siblings

M: ok

M: your dad is with him, actually i want to say mentoring him

M: he sends you love overflowing, your heartache should be lesser now, right?

M: car crash? whats that Client: that was how Jimmy died

M: oh boy. jimmy comes in very clear

M: was a female with him Client: I'm not sure. This was about 20+ years ago

M: oh ok umm any other young ones jimmy age pass but female

M: travelling somewhere

M: there's a trip attached to the girl Client: I'm not sure on that. not that's coming to mind

M: messages from far away?

M: money sent or gifts. odd

M: give a gift to a little boy? Client: Not ringing a bell. I will look into that.

M: unfair having no he talking to you? Client: my dad? YES!!

Client: I'm off for the virus. I have asthma

M: awww ok now listen and think.

M: does he have a grandson under 12 Client: yes, my son is 13

M: ok good

M: what gift was given him

M: I'm giving him things' Client: gun?

M: he gave him a gun? Client: he has dads rifle

M: wow dad!!!! ohhhh ok, that makes sense

M: good. approval

M: now who travelled Client: My daughter went to Florida not long ago

Client: my oldest

M: daughter is a teen Client: yes. 19

M: her he ummm

1 Minute Remaining 12:18:53 AM

M: her energy is not right, not directed properly

M: watch her and since the boy made statements about an accident watch her driving Client: ok

M: was dads death unfair in his eyes

Session Paused to Add Funds 12:19:53 AM

Session Resumed 12:20:00 AM

M: like he wasn't ready Client: yes. lung cancer after he quit smoking. Should've been caught but wasn't

M: oh boy. more like it, i see, bummer Client: He was strong guy that wasted away

M: ok everyone has a time one way or another

M: june? good that month, but not july? M: What's in June?

Client: I don't know

M: anything birthdays, special time. Client: my sister in law has a bday in june. He was married at very end of may

M: oh ok a baby boy Client: May be one of the step grandkids. I don't talk with them at all

M: no you'd know

M: ok so july and aug..negative. not the best months

M: what month he pass Client: December 24th.

Client: Tell dad thanks for ruining one of my favorite holidays, lol

M: no, not talking about it

M: lol but! he says january starts new and go with that

M: always look ahead Client: that sounds like him.

M: ok, life is unfair. so grab the good and focus on that. love is the key?

M: love is all you have

M: I think he doesn't want you focused on shit you can't do anything about Client: That's what I do best.

M: your heartache for him will continue to lesson each year so your fine and the boy should have your attention.

M: he came fast so I know he is with the family a lot

Session Resumed 12:29:04 AM

M: so send his love , again it's overflowing, to everyone.

M: ok any last words dear Client: Absolutely. He knows I love him. Just miss his voice. And carpentry work.

M: ya I'm sorry you can't hear him but he hears you:)

M: talk to him always Client: I will. Thank you SO much. Really. This means so much

M: my pleasure. he is a good man

M: don't worry about that virus. it won't touch you Thank you. I have my kids to take care of. Gotta stay well

M: :) goodnight Client: Thank you

Session Ended 12:32:18 AM


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