Mallory-Love Reading

Sometimes how we perceive the affections of another may not be the truth or reality. We become so infatuated that we begin to interpret the others affection the way we want it to be as is this next reading. The delivery of it may have seemed harsh but I read according to the truth I saw not what she was convinced of.

Session Started 3:40:25 AM

M: hello

Client: hello

M: whats on your mind

Client: I would like to know about nicky

Client: does he want to be with me

Client: my name is mallory

Clients: do you need birth dates

M: do you know if someone died around him recently?

M: friends, i feel he has another female

M: no b-days

Client: no he doesn't talk to me much I think he has a lot going on I know his father died when he was young

M: no, would have been recent

Client: yeah I don't know

M: there is other woman . not getting involved deep with you

Client: he says he wants to marry me

M: I think he is in love with someone else, so don't hold your breath

M: oh really, are you light haired

Client: no

M: hmmm

M: if he wants to marry you why ask if he wants to be with you.

M: and you would know if someone died around him

M: I wouldn't marry him until you know whats going on in his life

M: how long have you been dating?

1 Minute Remaining 3:46:24 AM

Client: we aren't dating we have known e