Krissy - Love Reading ~5 stars

Krissy wonders what her BF, Micky, is thinking and feeling about her.

Rating: 5 Stars


M: hi

Client: Hey, happy wednesday

M: lol ok what's your name

M: happy winter

Client: Im krissy. curious if the guy I started getting close to has been seeing/sleepiNg w anyone else

Client: his name is Micky

M: ok

M: no but he's thinking of cutting it off with you

M: have you met his mom'

Client: no

Client: we are not at that place

M: he just comes n goes but won't stay

Client : i am with my mom now, had to leave unexpectedly to care for her this month

Client: after a knee surgery.

M: oh, any birthdays

Client: so we were getting close but now cant really proceed for the month

Client: as i'm away

M: she's religious. you guys have a spiritual bond. you must love her

M: ya you won't stay with him i don't think

Client: yeah my mom is religious and yes i love her

M: she's smart too, what did she do for work?

Client: anyway, why is he thinking of cutting it off

M: i don't know but that's what i got, maybe he will decide against it. he stays in a lot

Client: hows he feel about me

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Client: and the recent intimacy we had