Krissy - Love Reading ~5 stars

Krissy wonders what her BF, Micky, is thinking and feeling about her.

Rating: 5 Stars

M: hi

Client: Hey, happy wednesday

M: lol ok what's your name

M: happy winter

Client: Im krissy. curious if the guy I started getting close to has been seeing/sleepiNg w anyone else

Client: his name is Micky

M: ok

M: no but he's thinking of cutting it off with you

M: have you met his mom'

Client: no

Client: we are not at that place

M: he just comes n goes but won't stay

Client : i am with my mom now, had to leave unexpectedly to care for her this month

Client: after a knee surgery.

M: oh, any birthdays

Client: so we were getting close but now cant really proceed for the month

Client: as i'm away

M: she's religious. you guys have a spiritual bond. you must love her

M: ya you won't stay with him i don't think

Client: yeah my mom is religious and yes i love her

M: she's smart too, what did she do for work?

Client: anyway, why is he thinking of cutting it off

M: i don't know but that's what i got, maybe he will decide against it. he stays in a lot

Client: hows he feel about me

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Client: and the recent intimacy we had

Client: he shared in a way he does not normally

Client: Which was different

M: well i think he started to have feelings but he is overthinking things

Client: which he does lol

M: ya

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Krissy calls back a second time the next day.

Rating: 5 Stars

Client: heya :)

M: hi

Client: yesterday you mentioned something about the guy I've been seeing's mom. I'm just curious what you pick up about Micky's mom

Client: we're not at the point where I'd meet her or anything. Just curious what there is to know

1 Minute Remaining 1:04:06 PM

M: well nothing really, I think it was your mom

Client: OOOh oh oh.

M: Lol

Client: Ok well then we got there in the end.

Client: :D

M: yup

Client: Been trying to help her out and make sure she is ok.

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Clients: she is recovering well. but knee replacement is TOUGH.

Client: Been hard to see her in so much pain.

M: ya lets see what happens after you go back if your still able to hang in there till then

M: it can be

M: poor woman

Client: that sounds good. we shall see.

M: keep in touch along the way

M: he's a funny one.

Client: Thank you. We texted a little this AM, which is nice.

M: just keeping it light for now.

M: Staying connected.

Client: ya but is it becoming less frequent

Client: I sent him a book for christmas (he's a big reader) i think it's supposed to get delivered today. i hope he likes it

M: yeah.

Client: we had some space between last comms and today.

Client: sometimes we go through periods like that.

Client: and i know he has a lot of fam stuff happening when he goes back

Client: tomorrow.

Client: you said..we will see.

M: ok. try not to get hurt

M: you know?

Client: LOL impossible with this man

Client: AND, yes. I do know.

Client: thanks for your help.

Client: anything else you're picking up on around our situation?

Client: im sure there's stuff i didn't even think to ask.

M: well i think it's covered. things can always change 'free will' is real so we will see as something new happens, what comes up. ultimately, i don't think , right now, you two will last in the long run.

Client: gotcha.

M: now sometimes people split but the choice to reunite is always open

Client: Well. it's been 4 years lol. going on 5. and as you said, in the past he comes but he doesn't stay.

Client: We'll see if we have grown enough to create something stable at some point.

M: ohh then it seems accurate

Client: You were quite accurate lol :)

M: not yet!

Client: Trust these bad ass skills woman.

M: not grown enough yet i mean

Client: Well, what's my growth in all this? Can only control myself...

M: shit

Client: lol

M: that statement didn't go through

Client: i don't know

M: maybe don't put all eggs in one basket

1 Minute Remaining 1:14:12 PM

M: i'll have to see when you figured things out with him, on your own

Client: got it

Client: Well my love. thank you.

Client: I appreciate you looking into things

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