Kitty And Frank- 5 Stars

Sometimes they have many questions, all important to them and each area contributes to our life path and the direction we are headed.

M: hi

Client: Hello thank you for your service

M: thank you for choosing my service. what is your name?

Client: I want to know if there is anyone around me who is seeking failure upon me, have any jealousy or hatred for me am I taking the right path as of now in life, will there be a future for me and my partner in a positive. My name is Kitty.

M: ok, what's your partner's first name also?

Client: Frankie

M: Don't imagine the worst, most of what you think is not happening. Frank doesn't like a female. Do you know of any girls bothering him?

Client: Not really beside someone of the name Trina or Sue.

M: at work?

Client: An ex. Both are, never met them. I hear a lot and see a lot about them tho

M: well she is not to worry about, he no longer is interested in her at all

M: Did you start a new job recently

Client: How can I control my negative thoughts? No, I haven’t. I was supposed to

M: I get more work or new work coming. well, it's like you let your thoughts run away with you

Client: The more positive I want to think and manifest the negative try to take over I’m trying to control it

M: so when you start thinking...stop and get busy with something, change your pattern

M: saving for a car?

Client: Okay... one last thing can you help me with my mother Doris. Sometimes I feel as if she really doesn’t care too much about me

Client: OMG YES I AM

M: good you'll bye one. keep saving

M: ummm

Client: okay thanks a lot

M: stop the jealousy with frank or you'll push him away

Client: Okay thanks for that.

M: Just keep the thoughts in your head

Client: ok

M: you're insecure. I think she loves you. some people don't know how to show it

Client: She don’t show it and it hurts a lot

M: she seems sometimes scattered and pays more attention to a man. does she have a guy?

Client: Do you see a nice person try to change for a positive cause? And yes she does she’s always been that way. I have 2 children Marky and Sara

M: ya, she doesn't make plans with just you, but that is the way it is. what do you mean by that question?

Client: I want to be the best mother I can ever be to them I don’t want to follow in my mother footsteps

M: Then you already are! and no parent is perfect. they'll be ok with you. you already know what not to do

Client: Thank you so much I really needed this

M: You'll be fine. You may want to keep space between you and mother

Client: I feel like she just uses me

M: ya, there is nothing saying you have to communicate with her all the time. if someone is negative keep them at a distance

Client: I’m wanting and have a desire for school

M: shorten your contact with her. To do what?

Client: I will do

M: and can you have more children?

Client: Get my high school diploma and a degree. Yes I can

M: you may have another I think. A Boy.

Client: Omg, okay I was thinking about that

M: but not married?

Client: Sooner or later?

M: later lol

Client: No I’m not I want to b tho

M: well, get your GED first

Client: Okay goooodd I just had a little girl

M: once that is completed your confidence will usher more

Client: I feel like it would also, most things you're saying to me I felt once before

M: you don't need vaccines

Client: Huh? What does that mean?

M: don't get that covid vaccine they will come out with. no need

Client: Okay thank you

M: ya, you're ok. save money, distance mum and go to school :)

Client: Do you see marriage for me? Will it be with Frank or I’m reaching too far?

M: oh and don't show frank your jealous

Client: Okay I won’t I’m jealous YES a lot but I think he is also

M: no, not now and not until after the next child I think. Frank is not ready yet

Client: He is very good at hiding his emotions.

M: Just enjoy it the way it is'. Most men do that

Client: It’s okay he’s great I’m still young we’re still young

M: It drives woman crazy but it's a man thing

Client: Thank you

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