Kaysy ~ Toxic Love Reading ~ 5 Stars

Sometimes a reading comes along where you must cast the act of 'gentle' out and tell them like it is. With Kaysy, that is what I had to do to help her understand the dead end and wasted time she has found herself in.

M: hi Client: Hello

Client: I’m asking about my love and relationship?

M: Okay, what is, you and their first names? Client: My name is Kaysy an his is Vincent

M: You split up already, if not then recently person M: You're angry about a female Client: Yes, we did split up because he cheats, but express how much he love me

M: Is he moving afar? Client: Afar ? Meaning

M: out of state. He will take a trip or move Client: I’m not sure he didn’t say anything

M: he is planning it Client: He might in march ? I’m not sure

She ended the chat, then called back ↑ Your previous conversation ↑

M: did you get my ping? Client: Hello I’m back. about Vincent an our relationship?

M: Yes, I sent a ping saying to cut him loose Client: Why are you saying that ?

M: He will be with yet another woman . M: He doesn't love you, that's why. A woman will be the reason it permanently ends M: i'm sorry, but it is what I get and it comes in such a way that you needed to hear it Client: I wanna know the feeling he feels about me. like it’s lies Client: definitely a female is gonna be in our way. That’s all I complain about

M: He doesn't know how to feel. He imitates emotion. He is supposed to be hurt ,so he performs heartbreak, but truthfully he doesn't feel. So he doesn't love either Read Client: So how do I get away? I know it’s so hard

M: He lies, so that should show you how well you can trust him. He will not benefit your life Read Client: but what can I do ? I know it’s very toxic but he will not leave me alone

Client: What do he wanna be around for ?

M: Just leave, if you have to leave when he goes to work or something Read M: Why can't you leave? M: These types view you as a possession Client: It’s like I’m stuck because he express he love me if I leave Client: f I say I wanna leave he will not let me

M: well remember he lies. I'll bet money he has a a new girl fast Client: I believe it

M: then pour his heart out playing both of you Read Client: I went thru his phone an found multiple girls he had sex with etc

M: LIE = can't trust. He is a sociopath...can't feel for anyone but himself M: These people do not know how to react emotionally, so they imitate what others expect from them

She disconnects again, but returns one last time

M: Hello again person

Client: Where can you see me at loving? Hello lol

M: What do you mean by that?

Client: do you see me getting away?

M: That is up to you. God doesn't arrange these things, our choices do

M: I can only guide you towards a path, you make it happen

Client: What about our baby together? Is that a reason he won’t leave?

M: You can hurt until it passes, or always hurt while with him

M: yes I believe

Client: because I’m not happy an express that

M: The baby is a pawn to keep you. Cheaper to keep her!

Client: Wow lol how long do you see this going ?

M: You can waste your youth on him and teach the child to tolerate relationships or leave, and teach the child not to take shit

Client: Wym when you say sociopath

M: A sociopath can not feel for others. They will always benefit themselves with every decision they make.

M: keeping you around = no child support. If he loved you, he would not cheat.