Katy - Love Reading

Some clients need to know they made the right choice or to know they will get over the recent ex as Katy only needed.

M: hello

Client: Hello my name is katy. I'm trying to move on from my ex but I still find myself thinking about him

M: K

Client: wanting him to want me again

M: how long were you together

Client: On and off 7 years. I recently ended it. well ended whatever we were doing

M: wow, that's a long time to think you'll just dismiss it dear

Client: He is happy i am gone?

M: there will be another guy, he won't return

M: This guy will show up within 1 year but you'll be very spiritually in tune

Client: That’s good

M: he thinks, the ex, that you made a bigger deal about it, apparently did not think you were a couple

M: not realizing your feelings had grown. men are like stone sometimes. you will get through this hon

Client: we weren’t a couple when I walked away. We did date for 5 years

M: no but your feeling grew. that's a long time. you were at some point connected as a couple

M: there will be another. why did you cut it off

Client: Because he wasn’t treating me right and I can’t wait around

M: then stick with your decision, don't look back

Client: okay

Chat Ended

If you walk away from a partner and you think you made the wrong move. Just remember why you left to begin with.