Kathy's many questions- 5 Stars

Sometimes we get insecure with everyone and everything. Sometimes we just need assurance that our life is normal and going to be ok. I gave it to her, and I did so because it is true

M: hi

Client: Hello thank you for your service

M: thank you for choosing my service. what is your name

Client: I want to know if there is anyone around me who is seeking failure upon me, have any jealousy or hatred for me am I taking the right path as of now in life, will there be a future for me and my partner in a positive

Client: My name is Kathy W____

M: OK, what's your partner's first name also?

Client: Frankie

M: Don't imagine the worst, most of what you think is not happening. frank doesn't like a female. Do you know of any girls bothering him?

Client: Not really beside someone of the name Casey or Sue

M: at work?

Client: An ex

M: ohhh ok

Client: Both, I never met them. I hear a lot and see a lot about them tho

M: well she is not to worry about, he no longer is interested in her at all

M: Did you start a new job recently?

Client: How can I control my negative thoughts. No I haven’t, I was supposed to