Kary - Medium Reading ~5 stars

Kary hears from her mother and talks of other family members.

Comments: I was so pleased to have spoken with Miss Mirra. I have answers I didn't think that I would get. I will be speaking with her again for sure. Thank you, I now have closure

1st call

Session Started 5:09:15 AM

1 Minute Remaining 5:09:15 AM

M: hi

Client: hello mirra

M: what is on your mind?

Client: i want to hear from past relatives

M: ok, anyone particular

Client: my mother

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Session Resumed 5:10:29 AM

M: i also need your name

Client: kary

M: ok

M: was she in hospice

Client: yes she was

M: just waiting to go it seems

Client: unfortunately i didn't see her for years before she passed i couldn't find her

M: something about three...the third or march?

Client: don't know when she passed

M: three is important

M: how many children she have

Client: she had 5 children

M: k

Client: three of us lived with her before we were separated

M: i wonder what she means, ohhhh thank you

M: : she kept saying that, three

M: ok i feel like i'm carrying a weight, to much to handle but she says she was a good mother just a lot of things she couldn't handle

Client: yeah i can understand that

Client: she had multiple sclerosis

M: ohhh that makes sense then. but why couldn't you stay with her?

Client: we were taken by my father

Client: only saw her once in the hospice and then he refused to tell us where she was

Client: he finally told us she passed earlier this year

M: but to the point you couldn't see her, that's just mean

Client: yeah he's an ass

M: what an asshole. do you have a young son

Client: i do not

M: brother younger than you?

Client: i had an older brother who passed as well as his own who was killed

M: ok how old? what i'm getting is she indicates going places and a boy far away

Client: i believe he was 15

Client: my nephew not my brother

M: what does travel have to do with him

Client: my nephew stayed in california he was moved from chicago after his father passed

M: ok, she loved her family, kids

Client: i always knew that. we love her to

Client: i will never forget it

M: it's unfortunate what happened and you are not to be upset now

Session Resumed 5:19:31 AM

M: she was blessed to have you while she did

Client: that's good to know

M: but this thinking your doing, don't

M: she's ok and the past can't be undone

M: i wonder if she means ...how old are you?

Client: 21

M: your son

Client: i don't have a son

M: you'll have a boy and travel, you, and she'll be with you

M: i know but you will, she knows him now

M: something about social---socialite?

M: all your difficulties dealing with a past that's lost will end

M: your futures bright

M: kids a genius

Session Ended 5:22:57 AM

2cd call

Session Started 5:26:45 AM

M: what happened

Client: my laptop died im so sorry

M: ok

M: whats oct mean

M: october

Client: what about october

M: i'm asking, something good, having...it could be a birthday, family attached to it

Client: i can't think of a birthday

M: ok nevermind

M: april, something in april coming up

M: just keep it in mind.

Client: my brothers birthday is in april...

M: the brother that passed?

Client: no, another one

M: ok 5 kids are a lot

Client: yeah i know

Client: very fertile lol

M: your close to him though

Client: i am yes

1 Minute Remaining 5:30:45 AM

Client: not as much as i used to be

M: her death was karmic, sad you had to participate but everything went accordingly

Client: karmic?

M: you won't understand now but it was

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Session Ended 5:32:46 AM


3cd Call

Session Started 5:37:33 AM

M: did you get my pings

Client: yes i did thank you

M: :)

M: is there anything else

M: so you need not stress, it's ok

Client: thank you

M: that's why I pinged you...whose ummm

M: joy or joyce I think

Client: not that i know of

M: a name similar

Client: i can remember a joy but i don't remember how it is

M: who

M: oh

M: what's mums name

Client: im sorry?

M: your mums name

M: you know other than a boy she doesn't talk about anyone

Client: sharon

M: ok, i guess it was all about you. usually they bring others into it and she didn't

M: I think she wants you to look towards the future

Client: anyone else trying to contact me

M: well i can see hold on

M: family must be, so you are close to your family though

Client: i am yes

M: no one will move forward so i'll just tell you circumstances of someone

M: big guessing game

M: left the hospital then passed

Client: family member

M: i don't know

M: had umm, thought they'd be ok but couldn't work, never healed

M: is this cancer or a disease

Client: my brother died of pneumonia

Client: he never left the hospital though

M: was he supposed to?

Client: he was supposed to get better but never did

M: i feel like he thought he'd live

Client: yes

M: he was, this sounds strange but after being cut short , like he just suddenly ended he just moved on

Client: i don't get it

M: he was happy to be there, you guys lose a lot of people

Client: yeah we did

M: well there was quite a lil party going on, not sad at all

Client: heavy weight

M: who was unable to...he never had a girl?

Client: he had a daughter

M: divorced

1 Minute Remaining 5:47:33 AM

M: i get no love life

Client: he didn't really have one i think

Client: things went down hill

M: i think so

M: november in relation to him

Client: me and my sisters birthday month

Session Paused to Add Funds 5:48:33 AM

Session Resumed 5:48:41 AM

Clients: were irish twins

Client: he always told us happy birthday

M: cool. sorry

M: something happened

Client: thank you

Client: other things happened on my birthday

M: oh,

Client: he was there for me

M: there is a court or government?

Client: yeah we were placed in dcfc for a few months

M: ohhh

Client: we moved from home to home separated from each other

Client: he was trying to get custody of us i think

Client: i can't remember

M: ok aug july but it seems to go backwards

Client: his birthday is in august and my moms in in july

M: ohhh

Client: he also passed in august

Client: his son also passed in august

M: then again...october but not in a bad way

Client: i cant find the relation

M: wow well think about it later. the daughter comes in sad

M: how old

Client: daughter ?

M: ohhh buying a gift, purchasing something. did he not get the daughter something he wanted but did not have time

M: a small girl

Client: his daughter just had a baby

M: light side, maybe blond

M: ohhh awww

M: its a girl. what a rip off for him

M: march again

Client: yeah he didn't get to see his kids grow

Client: i think she was born in march. we are not connected anymore i'm not sure

M: ask around because march has been mentioned, you don't see the child..oh ok

M: not close, shame i see why he's sad about it

Client: he got cheated big time

M: june sad too, why?

Client: my brothers birthday is in june

Client: again...5 kids

M: ya. august i get him walking away?

M: what happened?

Client: in aug

Client: his son died in august

Client: around his birthday

M: oh my god your family is traumatic

Client: yeah it not pretty

M: not here but the party in heaven wild

Session Resumed 5:57:43 AM

M: i see why he enjoyed himself after he was forced to leave here

Client: i can't finish this convo but you have no idea how much you have helped me

Client: i can do another 5 minutes and I'll have to leave

M: neither of these people are unhappy or questioning it

Client: is that okay?

M: ok love of course, they alway say that

Client: this is my first time. is there anything else ?

M: how did i do

Client: i am so happy to have found you

M: no, he's gone

Client: thank you

Client: you have no idea how much closure i have now

M: anytime'

M: oh good because you, dear have a future, live it

Client: thank you so much

M: plenty of time to see them later

M: have a great day

Client: yes, there is . you too

M: again thank you.

Session Ended 6:00:22 AM

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