Joy. Connecting with Gramps & Stu

Connecting with Gramps is usually as good as it gets, but pets? Well, pet rabbits?

M: hi

Client: hi M: what's your name? Client: Joscelyn M: what's on your mind Client: I'm just in a weird spot and I just want to know if things will ever get better for me I guess. Also, my grandpa passed away kind of recently and I wanna know what he thinks. M: well grampa first or weird place? Client: grandpa M: what's his name Client: Bruce M: he missed a birthday, maybe passed just prior to it. illness? Client: yeah M: died in a hospital Client: omg yeah he did M: did not get a chance to say something, like couldn't talk?

Client: he had a machine hooked up to him because he couldn't breathe very well M: think the birthday or maybe holiday was important, tried to get better but couldn't...ya no talking that way M: He's glad he's free from all that now M: Who is the guy? His brother with him? M: two men. uncle and brother? Client: I'm not sure M: two men with him, one wears a uniform. Seems important M: they greeted him there Client: oh his brother did die recently M: ask your parents, could be friends. one I believe was related though M: July? whats July mean? Client: I really don't know M: Well, this month or another year. when did he cross over Client: about 3 years ago M: he wouldn't be saying, Julie? M: so think why July...means something M: before a birthday? M: there's a boy child too Client: Ugh I wish I knew what it meant M: what month did he cross Client: not sure exactly. wow I'm horrible M: no that's fine M: he is a bit impatient fello Client: lol that's true M: anyone lose a child? Client: I did M: boy Client: dont know I had an abortion and regret it so bad but I always felt it was a boy M: I almost asked that M: it was a boy and gramps met him but it is ok . you only blocked it, he'll come in another time person Client: hes not mad? M: he says he was a lucky man and you shouldn't take things so seriously M: no M: Nope, it's ok Client: can I ask about a pet or is that silly? M: sure, I get that all the time Client: I had this rabbit named Stu and I loved him so much. I just want to know if he is ok M: ok but gramps thinks that is funny Client: lol M: if your child is ok, gramps is ok....then stu is ok M: but let me look M: oh this is funny. I wasn't aware rabbits had attachments to family members but he does Client: aww really M: the rabbit sees it as another opportunity to be somewhere new M: he sits around and waits a lot Client: did he have an attachment to me M: I can say with awkward confidence that he misses you. this is weird

10:00 The chat session has ended.


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