Jessica & Sawyer- Love Reading~ 5 Stars

Sometimes life isn't revealed until a decision has been made to form the next path. For Jessica, there is no absolute as she hoped. It was all up to them.

Client: Hi Miranda!

M: hi

Client: I'm Jessica. I hope you are well!

M: ditto

Client: I am asking about my POI Sawyer Q. today. Hoping to get some insight on his feelings about us, what the future has in store for us please

M: He loves you. and wants to build a future. So far that's what jumped out

M: what's with the car? anyone get a DUI or accident?

Client: He did, about 2 1/2 years ago. He does going through the process of getting his license back. He was in a bad accident that messed up his left ankle/foot

M: delayed. who are the woman and daughter?

Client: the woman may be his ex wife, he also has a daughter he will be seeing early january

M: ya okay the daughter. how old?

Client: I believe she will be 9 or is 9

M: that could be delayed also

M: did they have to go out of town?

Client: makes sense with what hes going through with that whole thing

M: like live elsewhere

Client: I don't know about that