Jacob - Medium Reading ~ 5 Stars

Jacob was a 22 year old man who passed during his tour in the military. The client was his mother. Jacob past less than a year prior.

~We began and I made several statements that she could not resonate with and disconnected. A few moments later she called back and the reading became clear as we continued~

After she called back:

M: suicide>?

Client: he was in military training accident passenger in a humvee the flipped

M: ohh ok, group of people, new buddys. could put it that way

M: must not have died in hospital

Client: no

M: ok

M: he missed a birthday, that was mentioned for a reason. he's acknowledging it

Client: yes

M: who had passed before he died?

Client: my step dad

M: now we are getting somewhere

M: he was not ready n tried to fight as much as he could to no avail

M: he wants you to hold on, it'll be alright

M: everything will work out. he watches over you but points to an angelic being that aids you also

oh, i think he said 'but your the angel'

Client: lol

M: his death was untimed

M: this means it was really unfortunate and not on the clock to happen

M: there are risks in life when we come here

M: two people are with him from the military that had the same happen to them. he was not alone in having life cut short before intended

M: who are the two boys, children

Client: i have two little grandsons and i have ywo little boys his little brothers

M: young ones. little

M: he loves them, hangs out with them. very bright kids

Client: i have a 4 yr old grandson and a 1 yr old grandson his nephews

M: hey mom...you will all get another chance together. life is not over when we pass

Client: the 4 year old talks to jakes picture

M: you guys will live another life together because this life did not fullfill what it was meant to. so it must be done again

M: the 4 year old may see him but doesn't know quite what he is seeeing but yes he is with them. not surprising

M: so when this happens nothing changes it reformulates until another time to pick up where you all left off.

M: interesting

M: your luck is going to change

M: things will turn around

M: there is a god

M: he is just amd merciful and no one to fear. love is with him

M: ummm hold on

M: march? what was march important

M: buying selling....

M: nov important. could be dates that like anything that march stands out

Client: he died in november my birthday is march

M: ok

M: i see

M: now this is weird because it's almost like showing me the twin towers

M: what's that

Client: i don't know

M: has he ever been to nyc

Client: no

M: why did he join the military

Client: to become a chef

M: a chef