Inevitable Mortality ~ Part Three

To understand what I am talking about and get the whole amazing story, you need to read Part one & Part two. Since the dreams in June & August, the real life raccoons, finding bibles, seeing people who were not there, surprising drawing from my grandson, the name of my dead ex on someone else's baptism certificate, and anything else I have forgotten, it is not over yet! The month of August was the last of the dreams, and the one week of daily coincidences that reinforced my concerns failed to end. This next set of events come as clusters, like the last only three months ago.

This year's winter was unusually warm, well into December. There was no snow on Christmas day. I was outside doing a lot of walking while we were blessed with this odd comforting warm weather. Soon enough, it would be freezing temperatures and snow would pile up, forcing us all to hibernate like bears. I took advantage of it.

Two incidences happened. They seem to come just after enough time passes when I would start forgetting about the once important possible death signs I obsessed over. It was as if something wanted me on my toes. Whatever it is, I am reminded when least expected of this ongoing metaphysical reality.

The Phone Number

Two months later, in the unnaturally warm October evening, I surprisingly found a young girl whose only common denominator to me was, who since died, Mr. Joshua Roberts. I had not seen her since his death nearly two years ago. Anyone who knew Josh and met his friends became connected just for having known Josh. It was something that passed between us, no one else could sense whenever his name was brought up. Let me explain why.

Josh was an amazing gentle soul who lived only to find his soul mate. When every female he dated, he fell in love with and was convinced each one was the one. As each potential failed, he then ran into the Devil instead. Josh met a girl who, in only eight months, was able to get Josh evicted twice, hooked on heroin, robbed and then arrested twice, lost all friends until ultimately she stole a car, nudged the love-struck Josh on a run down the highway to hell, because she knew a gentle nudge was all it would take to have him willing to give the last of his love.

The police happened upon the two fugitives giving the Devil, who was behind the wheel driving Josh to hell in a handbasket, the guts and glory to give police a chase for miles passing roadblocks designed just for them until, without losing control of the car, came to a stop after a hundred miles per hour rage on a desolate highway out of state, far from Joshua's safe home and once-loyal friendships she already cost him, and with four flat tires sat idling as police drew their guns aimed at them. We all knew how and whose idea it was as the rest played out.

When Joshua Roberts exited the vehicle, he had a BB gun pointed at his soulmate's head. She walks with an Academy Award facial expression of fear and helplessness beside her lover, whom she convinced this was the only way (everyone who knew her believed it) she would not be charged with any new crimes, and that Joshua should take the rap while she cried for the children she just remembered she had.

So he would claim sole responsibility for the drugs, stolen automobile, and now kidnapping to save the Devil from prison time, because she knew best. Did she realize this explosive situation required the life of this loyal brave blind, as one gets when in love, pawn she was now setting up? It is still up for debate. Many believe she knew all along that a sacrifice was coming in exchange for her freedom, and just did not care!

The end of this low budget western shoot out, between posse and fugitive, resulted in guns unloading into the man's body, killing his good intentions along with him. The devil still playing the victim, hysterical sobbing mixed with a dash of fear, had diverted any possible accusations toward her of wrongdoing that should have put her behind bars for a while. We all felt her boot up our ass when the realization that the Devil had won this round when she was free to go home. We pictured her walking away, smiling.

DNA is amazing. It runs through each family member generation after generation. I always wondered between the Hatfeilds and McCoys, who started that big neighborly feud anyway? I never researched it in high school, but I think I know. See the Devil that destroyed a good man's life in only eight months, her name is McCoy. I am positive she is a direct descendant, and however the history books tell it, I'll never believe anything but that the McCoys start all the shit in everyone else's lives back then, and still today!

As I was saying, I ran into a friend of Joshuas. After talking a few minutes, she asked for my phone number, saying she wanted to get together and catch up. I gave it to her. When she looked at it, she kept looking at it. She looked at the number long enough, I felt I needed to break her gaze. She says 'Oh my God, I wondered why this number looked familiar to me'. She smiles, but this girl always smiles. I asked why? She answers, 'Well, I was very, very close to my mother in law, and she just died a couple months back. Well, apparently you got her number next because this was her number!'

I laughed, of course. It's a strange feeling knowing you got the number of a dead woman and the relative of a friend at that! In fact, the only reason I had that phone number was because she died. I never did get together with the girl. I may have wondered if this was another omen relating to June and August, but I was able to blow it off. It would take more than that.

A few weeks later, the incident was forgotten until one evening as I walked through town, my cell phone rang once. It had no name and only an unfamiliar number, but a local one. I decided in a split second to call it back. Maybe it was a borrowed phone from someone I knew trying to reach me. A man answered, asking who I was, and sounded annoyed. I reminded him that he just called my phone. Then he became apologetic, "My name is Charles, and I am so sorry for that. It's just that I'm trying to get my wife's number out of my phone when I hit the dial by accident. My wife passed a couple months ago, so I just wanted to get her number out of my phone. I'm truly sorry about this." I told the man I understood and hung up.

First, the daughter in law I gave the number to, then the husband butt dialed this dead woman's number. What is up with this family. The husband must of thought I was playing a sick joke when I called back. I think her name was programmed in his phone, then he realized what he had done, and he changed his demeanor.

I never had this happen before. I thought silently, it had not yet ended. The girl and I only know each other through a dead man. I give her the number to her dead in law, then the dead in-law's husband accidently calls the number. I'm still processing it. How often does this shit really happen to people?

Other's Dream

It is now Feb. The last events happened about a month ago, making another two months pass before the next cluster of events happened. It is every two months something reminds me of death.

It started in June, then in Aug, then in Oct, and now the latest in Jan! Even the timing of these coincidences are timed for every two-three months. A synchronicity if you will. It dispelled nothing.