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If you are new to spirituality, don't get carried away and dive into fantasyland. As Kenny-Ann has.

This client was quite frustrating and while I have had many of the 'crazy client' types I used to try to tolerate them. Understand them. Other spiritualists insist there are things about the world we don't understand and push the dragon and fairy-tales. After years of feeding the insanity, I simply tell them like it is now. I'm about life and what it requires to live. That's hard enough. So if you want to know about something as this woman hoped, don't call me.

M- helloo

Client- hiii

M- Name?

Client- Kenny-Ann

M- that's a girl's name?

Client- yes

M- ok do you have a question?

Client- Not necessarily, I’ve just started connected with my spirit guides and I started my spiritual journey a few months ago but I don’t really understand it

Client- I have a violet aura as well

M- That's beautiful, Angelic colors

Clients- and my spirit guides told me that I was a star seed, an angel, a mermaid, and a fairy and I’m not really sure what it means.

M- no, you're going into fantasy land now

M- your human

Client- they emphasized on parts in my visions

M- humans are not angels, mermaids are in the sea and they smell

And that is when it ended!

I believe there are mermaids and others claim to have seen them. I saw video's that people on the beach filmed and fisherman. The thing is these creatures, probably some mutation the gov't invented years ago that survived, are not beautiful. If people thought about it they would know it isn't a great thing. Fish have big round eyes as would a mermaid from being in the ocean so much and to see they would not be human eyes. Then fish smell gross, so what would a mermaid with tangled hair and scales and big black eyes smell like? Do not wrap yourself around these things because it is more appealing than everyday life. You have to live on earth and the likelihood you are a fish fairy Angelic human is highly unlikely. In fact, there is ZERO chance.


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