I Never Do This, But, It Worked Out- 5 Stars

When people say they want a 'general' reading I usually politely decline. They get upset if I don't answer the question they really wanted to be answered. On this occasion, something said to talk to them anyway, so I did. Viva's general reading.

M: hi

Client: hello :)

M: What's on your mind viv?

Client: life general *in general

M: First thing I get is...

M: you're going through changes, just grow with it. You're a little lonely and saving money. none to spare.

M: You didn't get what you wanted, something about a female

M: seems emotional. Mum maybe?

Client: Yes my mother just passed

M: Oh sorry, she's still around.


Client: it's okay :) she's with me

M: yup, Just parted not gone

M: new property what are you doing there?

Client: new property?

M: ya well buying or if your moving renting

Client: I'm planning to move or rent my own place soon

Client: getting a new job and saving money as you mentioned:))

M: you will and you'll feel like your moving down the right road too. you're doing what you're supposed to

M: kinda sudden though. March?

Client: Yes march is when I want to do it

whats September mean

Client: September?

M: ya I got it twice now. Is it referencing mum?

Client: nothing right off the top of my head. Not that I can think of right now

M: ok how about regarding money, something happened this past September?

Client: I quit my job

M: oh ok

Client: traveled a lot

M: you'll travel again too

Client: okay

so I don't get a love life. what's up?

Client: doesn't exist

M: nope it doesn't

M: stay single

Client: yeah it's pretty bad

M: for awhile

Client: okay

M: don't settle

Client: I won't

M: isn't there...wheres dad?

Client: I don't know he ghosted in may

M: Ummm, possible you'll see in maybe a couple of weeks

Client: okay :)) that makes me feel better

M: ya he doesn't feel far. Where was he the last time you saw him?

Chat Ended

(Chat asks for more money and something the client can't or doesn't feel the need to add more)


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