Hilario - Love Reading - 5 stars

A violent fight with his woman and in need of a peek into their future.

Client: hi

M: hello

Client: Hi my name Hilario and i want to ask a few questions about my ex gf

M: k'

Client: so recently we got into a very huge argument which got physical cops were involved and i want to know how shes feeling

M: ok whats her first name

Client: Rosvelt

M: she is concerned but less than when it happened. when

did this happen

Client: 4 days ago

M: but she says no..you must have tried to speak to her about it?

Client: do u feel like everything will come out good on my part for the court date?

Client: no i haven't spoke to her

M: i think she give's you another chance

Client: Do u feel like this time it will work out ?

Client: do u see her doing any jail time or anything like that?

M: just amplifying things a bit but she'll calm down

M: no

Client: oh okay, how about for me?

M: working it out is up to you guys

Client: yeah you’re right

M: you'll still have your moments like all relationships

Clients: Yeah, do u feel like things will come out good for me

Client: im worried about the court date

M: it should...again, no jail for either of you

Client: ok, also i want to know what do u see for my near future

Client: when it comes to love

M: when is court

Client: its on january 31st

1 Minute Remaining 10:25:26 PM

M: no jail, maybe classes that's it

M: let me know after court

Client: Oh okay

Client: I will, also what do u see for my near future

Client: when it comes to love

Session Paused to Add Funds 10:26:26 PM

Session Ended 10:26:29 PM


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