Example of a rushed reading

If you rush the reader your not going to get a quality reading. We don't have a rolodex of events, people and timelines. I have answered peoples question in minutes but some take longer. Kathleen obviously wants as much info for the least amount of time. It does not work this way. Give more than 3 minutes please! Her barrage of questions was not yielding the info any faster , in fact it irritated me. We need a minute to make sure our information is accurate. There are times we are not permitted all the info but you will hear what you need to.

If you don't have enough money for a good 10 to 15 minutes I suggest waiting until you do regarding important issues. For Kathleen this was very important to her but she did not have the patience to hear everything she could have.. I recommend reading 'what to expect' for a deeper explanation on how my readings are conducted.

Session Started 2:29:01 AM

Client: Hello my name is Kathleen, my date of birth is 28 may 1998. Time of birth is 10:24 am. I wanted to know when I will meet my future husband/ soulmate and what our relationship looks like?

Client: nice to meet you

M: how are you dear...

Client: What are the characteristics that my future husband will like in me?

M: hi don't need birth dates that's astrology

Client: okay

Client: whatever you prefer

Client: :)

M: your sweet. let me look

Client: sure

Client: :) thank you

M: it will be someone you have not met yet

Client: okay

Client: and?

1 Minute Remaining 2:31:01 AM

Client: you there? :)

M: your spiritual side is appealing. you will meet someone and have a spiritual bond

Client: when will i meet him

M: shy guy

Client: has he seen my pictures?

Client: will it be love at first sight for him

M: i'm not sure exactly when but id say within one year

Client: anything more about the boy?

Session Paused to Add Funds 2:32:01 AM

Session Ended 2:32:04 AM