Dyan- Love Reading ~5 Stars

Dyan is asking about a man named Nate.

Client: Hi I’m dyan :)

M: hi there

Client: happy new year!

Client: I would like to see if you can look into someone for me and see how he feels towards me

Client: His name is Nate

M: happy new year

M: what's your name

Client: Dyan

M: oh lol

Client: :))

M: awww did it start of difficult?

Client: Umm we have had our timing issues

Client: haha

M: another female has influence over him

M: you could casually date but he will play two of you. be friends that's all

Client: Ugh that stinks

M: I know

M: if finding the right one was easy everyone would be happy

M: so i also feel YOU should date more than one. shop around

Client: What do you see coming up for me? Is there anyone else coming up with long term potential?

M: no

Client: Oh no :(

M: hold on

M: you should date a while and seek many not one

M: the right one will stay when its right

M: sorry

Client: It’s ok :)

M: have fun