Deena did not tell the whole story, but I nailed it anyway. ~ Love Reading

It isn't my place to judge a desire my clients ask about, and I try hard not to. When something like infidelity is the topic, I must discourage it as politely as possible. The reason is because it won't help your sojourn, and it may not be the only heart broken. When others are blindly on the sidelines, they must be considered. It is best to leave the one you are with permanently before inviting another. This way, the risk is minimal. When both parties are married, I always advise them not to bother at all. The harm will spread to even more people. To grow as intended, always ask yourself how your decision will affect those around you first.

M: hi

Client: Hi my name is Deena

M: Do you have a question? Client: I want to know if my friend Stephen will pursue a romantic relationship with me?

M: OK, good question M: Well, right off, you must have wanted it for awhile because I have that you didn't get what you wanted regarding him M: have you not spoken to him recently? Client: Yes today

M: a missed mess or something. missed call. M: ok M: I think there is another female that will play a factor against you guys having a relationship M: You'll find this out Client: Well, we are currently married to other people at the moment.

M: So if he did start forming something with you, it won't last and careful of his honesty M: oh ok M: He stays with her. Why would you want to get involved? It could become very painful for you. M: risky. Client: Oh, just curious of his intentions

M: I'd say no. that he won't want to Client: Ok

M: sorry hon

M: any other questions? Client: No, thank you Chat Ended