Cynthia - Love Reading

Cindy did not hear what she wanted about Jules. Somethings clients are better off finding out on their own and should avoid asking if they can not handle the truth or maybe she should have stuck around so I could find out who the woman was, she could have been someone that has nothing to do with what Cindy was assuming.

Session Started 5:55:16 PM

M: hello

Client: Hi!:) thank you for helping me!:)

M: happy new year

Client: ) I’m wondering if Jules and I still have a chance?

Client: Or should I give up

M: Thank you thank you!

Client: Happy New Year to you too!:)

M: ok what's your first name

Client: Cynthia

M: He seems out of control, even aggressive at times

M: but you haven't talked to him lately

Client: Hmmm we talked a bit this morning?

M: must not have been promising

Client: Yea that’s true

M: there's another female here

Client: Okay okay

Client: I see!

Client: thank you for helping me!

Session Ended 5:58:03 PM