Charli ~ Love And Future ~ 5 Stars

Separation is always scary, and when kids are involved, it comes with much thought. For Charlene, AKA Charli, I could assure her with advice that flowed with confidence, giving her the same!

M: Hello

Client: Hello

M: Is Charlie a girl or guys name in this case? Client: girl. Charli

M: ok, whats on your mind charli? Client: What is coming in my future?

M: That's broad. any certain areas you're most interested in

Client: Love and finance

M: do you have a guy, if so, I need his name? Client: Separated. Danny

M: are you a manager or a boss where you work?

Client: yes

M: You're good at your job, but you need more money. That's temporary, the money thing

Client: ok.

M: has there been the passing of a male yet?

Client: No I don’t think so

M: that might come soon. young, under 30 definitely M: I can't get you and Danny back together

Client: The male is an adult?

M: but for some odd reason things are, do I put this... M: 20's maybe. You are in the right place, doing the right things, I want to say all is in accordance as it should be

Client: Yes that makes sense.

Client: Any chance I will find love again?

M: I think so. not for awhile. A bit of rebuilding your life first takes place M: Don't be in a hurry. Eliminate the negative things and then welcome brighter things

Client: Not in a hurry, but scared of starting again and not finding anyone to share life with.

M: You have put up with or accepted the wrong influences for a long time. time to purge so to speak

Client: Yes. Gaslighting, and lies

M: yes and there are more like him out there

M: clear the path so you see who is on it. make sense?

Client: Yes. Anything else?

M: oh yes, bring it all before god! Talk with him daily

Client: What about my kids? They are going to be ok?

M: youll find guidance comes with it

M: how old?

Client: 5 and 10

M: oh goodness, yes M: they will be fine, best to raise them not tolerating others behavior or that's what they will learn.

M: You're doing the right thing

Client: Ok thank you.