Chantelle: Recieved more than an answer

When you ask a question, allow the Psychic to roam past it once answered, and then the reading will be beneficial. This is what Chantelle was able to do.

M: hello

Client: Hello ,my name is Chantelle. nice to meet you

M: nice to meet you. what is on your mind Client: So I am wondering about my relationship with Travis, whether this will evolve into a stable commitment?

M: ok

M: Bare with me but has anyone traveled or is he far away? Client: we live 2 hrs apart

M: ya, ok Client: I did just come back from work travel too

M: hes a bit quiet , is'nt he? Client: yea last we spoke was Saturday

M: he plans on calling you Client: mainly because I didn’t respond

M: you worry a lot, trouble sleeping M: no, there will be another man M: there are two men, travis and another Client: Sometimes yes, I guess I think and overthink if I’m making the right decisions because I’ve made so many not right ones in the past

M: you'll make that decision but you'll lean towards the other, not travis Client: well I can tell you one of the men you probably see if my ex that’s been trying to get back in my life

M: why go back to something that already failed? Client: Exactly. I know I don’t want to go that way lol

M: that one has a gift of verbal persuasion, but how much truth is debatable M: Maybe it is not the ex, another? Client: wow I’m glad you picked up on that!

M: has travis givin you a gift yet? Client: he’s given me things

M: ok Client: roses mainly

M: you have a lot of woman around you M: one will fall ill by end of year. she is either a friend or sister M: A wonerfully, kind person. likes cats I think M: she will acquire something that will be a fight in her body for, well, all her days. like cancer or if someone has diabetes and has to always deal with it. Client: Yea I have a friend that is like that.

M: You share memories of childhood with her, have you known her all your life or have many things in common? M: common from your youth Client: we have a lot of things in common

M: be supportive, but don't see it as the end of her. it's a fight, support her M: whose the little boy? Client: My baby brother?

M: Does he also have issues medically? Client: Yea, he has asthma

M: he'll go to the hospital but right out again, and then you hear about the woman's illness. by end of year M: your mum has a hard time with him, why? Client: Long story short, it’s not her child it is my dad’s. She doesn’t think he likes her

M: tell her to talk to the child. she doesn't communicate with him. he is just a boy M: The bond will strengthen if she just talks to him Client: I must share that he is quite shady some times lol

M: yes but that is because he thinks he is alone M: when we are taught things, we do them, and children most often imitate what they are taught


I then sent her this message she needed to understand.

'The boy doesn't trust. Gain his trust and he will be honest.'

Chantelle reponds ' Thank you for your insight, I shall keep that in mind. I really wish we could have had more focus on love interest'

My final word 'Sorry, that's because there was not much to say. Perhaps the guides feel the boy can be helped before troubles increase. Love: A choice is coming.'

Children are our future. Take raising them seriously for everyones sake!