Cathryn: Mothers & love 5 Stars

The first part of our conversation was disconnected and not recorded. I picked up where we left off, then it almost happened again. There was advice that many people should hear before making an innocent mistake that could be costly regarding her mother in law, husband, and ex.

(Talking about her mother in law after a disconnection and I lost that part of the reading...........)

M: I was asking is she still married

M: up to her these things are not destiny but a work in progress (Answering a q if they would ever get along)

M: she worships the husband. I sent a ping in case she wasnt married and you disconnected. so, ignore it

Client: It was my device

M: or keen tech issue

Client: She has caused so much destruction

M: you probably will at least at one point stop talking to her

Client: I have. It wa hard because I’m the nice person

M: the worst is from those who do destructive things they think they are doing it because they care. she won't know it is not right

Client: my husband are

M: you are allowed to 'not talk to her' at least until she starts respecting you

Client: we right?

M: ya I think so

(Disconnected again)

M: I sent a thing about this to keen

Client: What about the extended family ??

M: your hubby won't stop talking to her and thats ok

Client: they are close to me and I see them Friday do you see them as real or fake

M: you only have control over what you can do for yourself.

M: the rest of the family?

Client: No he wo to but I hope He tells her why

M: honey, not all are actors, lieing or starting trouble. thats an individual thing

Client: I have to work so hard because he didn’t for many years.

M: you can't be best freinds with everyone

Client: Ok good!

Client: She doesn’t know that

M: not sure hubby will stop talking to her, might want to until she asks

M: but let him work his own stuff out

Client: She thinks I’m just a bad mom and wife because I work

Client: Yes that’s good!

M: both of you should support each others decision

M: yes no trust with in law

Client: Yes I do support him.

M: she doesnt trust

Client: No she doesn’t

Client: And I’m too burnt out to keep up with her

M: forget them

Client: The friend from high school that came back, she’s here to

Client: as a good thing?

M: It feels that way

M: She's energetic

Client: yes!

Client: Beth is the friend

M: My daughter's name is elizabeth

Client: she basically died as she fell off all contact

Client: :) She’s a Pisces and im a cap. All of my best people are Pisces, Scorpio or Taurus.

M: a spiritualist and a responsible person. seems like an odd attraction LOL

M: i'm a scorpio, double

M: why do i feel your freind was suicidal at one point'

Client: im a Capricorn sun.