Caroline hears from her friend

Even in suicide we don't go to hell but rather we go to a place to heal.

M: hi

Client: Hello

M: what's your name?

Client: Caroline

M: and do you have a focus tonight?

Client: Would like to connect with my best friend. He passed 3 years ago

M: what's his first name

Client: Jason

M: ok let's see

M: this was an untimed death

M: Something ...I almost think something was kept a secret

M: is this true? About a guy

Client: He was keeping a secret about a guy?

M: was he killed?

Client: No

M: wow

Client: Well yes. Suicide

M: Well there's a guy he isn't happy with. As if maybe the man lied about something

M: Do you know what he is taking about?

Client: Can he describe the man?

M: Dark hair..maybe money involved

M: ok well. how did he die because he fought it, was not prepared . Tried to hold on

Client: He took his own life

M: oh dear, this is a problem

M: how did he take his life & who found him?

Client: Sheriff found him

M: I said untimed and this would be true but he says there was a lie told

Client: Who lied

M: Why would he do this, I don't get a reason

M: a man

Client: I dont know the reason why he took his life

M: I don't get one either. Did he loose a young cousin that you know of

Client: Not that I can remember

M: There was no reason to do this, ...a friend. a young girl greeted him that he new, on the other side

M: He is giving hugs like wrapping his arms around himself, so he hugs you

Client: I miss his hugs

Client: I miss him

M: He can't return or he would

M: Where was he found?

Client: Im lost without him. He was such a huge part of me

Client: At the river

Client: I want him to tell me what’s going on with Jarvis.

M: Did he have a relationship because maybe I am missing something

M: could someone have lied to him making him feel the need to do this

Client: He was seeing a girl. She may have betrayed him. I don’t trust her to ask for the truth. She will lie.

M: oh ok then that has to be what he meant. regret regardless. I think he tried to live once he realized he was dying. Says he tried to hold on. who is Jarvis?