Automatic Writing Notes from 2006

TheThey were written in 2006. It only saved part of them. I added what did not save.



Bryant-Negotiations. Find Booklet. (I believe this concerns a boarder I took in named Bryan. After a discrepancy in payment I sought out a booklet for receipts I had to cover myself legally)

Will write and study many things. (I began doing this more seriously in 2015)

Sinking trains in the Netherlands. In News- less nuclear stages. Farmers and food issues. Difficulty in the world.

May 16: Unstable in skies and weather. Worldly event, all experience deaths. No control over. Will go places one has not yet and experience things yet experienced.

June 10: Diet-digestion. Fruits for better eyesight, fewer meats. Head self-indulgence (don't get high?). Purpleheart and grassroots to avoid plunder. ( Purpleheart is a flower only blooms once a year for a short time in Florida only, where I happen to live at the time of this writing). Celebrate Thanksgiving. (In 2018 I stopped celebrating holidays, except Thanksgiving as advised) Seek advice when needed.

June 8: Cancer eye. Duty frightens for one endures. (The only one I experienced having cancer relating to the eye was my cat, King, 14 years later and I had to stay with him for 36 hours watching him die. )

June 29: Wellbeing ignites sleep preferences. Look beyond self intent of wishes during difficult times. Water tea tablets and parmesan seeds lesson troubled times.


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