An Unhappy Client- 1 Star

Everyone has one or more at some point in their career. No one can please everyone. Most of the time it comes from a psychic being unable to resolve the problem they are having or because they feel other psychics they have called were able to tell them more Beware the psychic who knows everything or always has a desirable ending with each call. I could not change what this woman was facing and she told me I was one of the fakes.

M: hi

Client: Hello I wanted to know a couple of things on my life you know where I’m going downtown the road is there positive things coming my way or negative I want to know it all

M: It doesn't work that way. how about you start with your name

Client: I knew that lol:) Lynne

M: ok now, what do you mean by downtown?

Client: What

M: reread what you said. Pick a topic like love, work. break it down

M: do you have a guy?

Client: Love I’m married. 6 six year

M: that's great. if there is nothing wrong in your marriage don't ask. we can move on to a career, do you work?

Client: no we are having very difficult times right now I want to know more on that

M: ok give me his first name

Client: please I feel so lost Tyler

M: you think he is messing around?

Client: No

M: Does a lot of talking on the phone though and did he mention moving, with you, wanting to move

Client: yes

M: then why do you think of a woman when you think of him, a negative family member? mother?

M: you're staying together dear

1 Minute Remaining 11:34:47 PM

M: you will run into an old female friend you haven't seen in a good while

Client: I feel she may be influencing some of my decision

Client: ya mom is kindas negative

M: she can be warm until she can't get her way

Client: his mother. he’s facing prison time we have kids

(We disconnected and she added for more time)