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A Note To My Client

After a medium reading trying to reach her good friend I felt she was disappointed when at the end of it she asked 'well, does he have any messages to say to me?' That was when I decided after we disconnected to reach out to her explaining how mediumship works (Speaking for myself, not for all mediums) and point out his message to her. She was grateful and understood her experience allowing her comfort and with less concerned as to where he is and if he was at peace.

Dear Amy,

I feel a need to explain what just happened so you can fully understand it. When it comes to medium readings it is different. We often feel we should receive an epiphany of some kind but that is rare. The important messages are given in the way they feel means something. 1 Making amends with his father is very important, to understand why things happened or why people choose what they did. He felt a need to share this with you.  2 To say he greeted (I misunderstood, he had it correct) another male family member not only tells you death is natural but we are never alone. Also if people looked poorly at the person perhaps it is because we don't understand everything while we certainly understand more in our natural heavenly habitat. My Uncles who passed and I was close to are often trying to get me to correspond with my mother who I have refused to speak with for 15 years. I can not understand why they want me to converse with her. I think she's a b*$#@ who try's to ruin my life yet my wonderful loving uncles seem to feel differently. Psychics are just people and do not have all the answers. Anyone saying they are 100% accurate and knowledgable you would do well to stay away from. If that were true they woulld be God and the life here would be unnessesary for them.  3 Acknowledging an unborn child and that it is ok may aleviate any guilt or 'what if...' thoughts that may cross your mind. They alway bring up those unable to come into the world. You may just have her as a daughter in the next life. See nothing ends. She had a purpose and you delayd it, thats all you did. So you rerouted your life towards another direction and we always have many paths to take on this journey. When someone is, let's say, shot dead in a robbery at a young age life will reroute everyone who knew him or was going to know him in the future. That hole in our hearts that people say is our 'searching for God' is untrue. That hole is the empty part of where someone was removed who should have been there when time caught up. Does this make sense?  So when we wonder what message there was because we think we know what they'll say, will have been said, just not what you thought you'd hear. For some reason he appeared to have been pushing forgiveness, life goes on and after passing they know whats going on from that side of heaven. His message was clear and important. When we stress over a break-up or loss of work or mourning, the loved ones see these things as 'not the most important messages to resolve' but instead faith, love and life/god  is what is most important. The rest is your karma to learn from and they rarely intervene. They only comfort but can not take the cup away as God could not for Christ before his crucifixion. I hope this helps you to understand. Please do something special for yourself on your birthday. He will be there that day :)                                                      MT I hope this note helps any readers of it to gain a better expectation before purchasing this type of reading, at least ,from me.

PS: The Corona Virus is a produced elaborate lie. You are safe for now!


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