A Covid Death

This Medium reading was about a passing caused by Covid and it was surprising. Elyce is still grieving heavily and reassurance is all I can give.

M: hi

Client: Hello Miranda

Client: can you connect to my husband, please?

M: What is your first name and his

Client: I'm Elyce. and his Joe

M: have I connected you in the past?

Client: no

M: ok now others may come in so be open and how long ago did he cross over

Client: it's my first time. he died Jan.09

M: oh ok. The first thing I get is almost paralyzing as if I can't move well

Client: a sudden death

M: does this have something to do with his death. Almost like stuck

M: and very weak. I feel he didn't know what to do

Client: he got sick and I did not see him

M: sick with what?

Client: covid

M: wait you said 09?

Client: and complication

M: Covid wasn't killing people in 09

Client: jan.09,2021

M: oh geez. ok so he couldn't breathe. Did they have him on the ventilator?

Client: yes and got comatose

M: There was something wrong with his diagnosis is what I'm getting, he shouldn't have been

Client: yes, that's what I'm thinking too

M: he didn't trust them either

M: but he didn't fight them on it. AND he did not want to be alone

Client: But i can't do anything they don't allow me to see him