QUY - Love Reading ~5 stars

Qui is asking about her boyfriend and his feelings


M: hi

Client: Hello

Client: happy new year

Client: my name is Qui

M: happy New year

M: whats on your mind

Client: wanted to see what's going on with the guy I'm interested in

Client: we haven't been in communication

M: what's his name

Client: Phuoc

M: he's having a hard time, feels like when we are competing but everyone else is better. no growth. M: must be with work

Client: yeah

M: money seems low

Client: works a lot

Client: residency

Client: last year

M: very low

M: you want to know about the two of you?

Client: Is he still interested in me

Client: what does he want?

M: how do I say it. I don't think so

M: well, eventually he will drift off permanently

M: get him to talk about your relationship. he won't lie

M: but i believe he is losing interest. not your fault and not over another female

M: Just life kicking in from different directions

M: not the best timing

Client: I figured

M: yaa

M: sorry

Client: I figured how main focus is work at the moment

M: yes

M: I can't tell you to wait because i am not sure you should but also no other men are coming in

Client: bummer

M: finding out how he feels is the best way to go then make a decision

Client: ok

M: ok it'll be ok

M: thanks