Automatic Writing

What is Automatic Writing?

Automatic writing is when I write what my guides from the other side tell me. It is that simple.

The way I accomplish this is by requesting to speak with them in a prayer to Christ and ask for his involvement. This is for my protection from unwanted spirits and to assure I receive only the truth.

I use to only do these sessions at two in the morning but once I was rolling with the ease of what they were saying I began writing while waiting anywhere! I may be picking my daughter up from school, arrived too early so I would write while waiting for her, or at the park. The more I utilized this gift the stronger the connection became.

Who are 'they?' They are several wise guides who work together to bring reassurance, preparedness, and knowledge to me and for me with encouragement to share with others. They preach only goodness and teach the importance of love, Christ, and the value of life. All that is relayed to me is uplifting even if some things are unpleasant.

Many people who do this omits or replaces words that they feel were not understood but I keep the exact words because If you look up the definitions to words that appear to make no sense you'll find a clearer meaning. They are deliberate in how they speak. They are ancient-sounding. It appears they use their native context from thousands of years ago. Obviously they speak English but the way they say a sentence is unspoken today. The only time you'll see a place where a word is blank is because I can't read my own writing.

When I am finished I read it for the first time because though I write what they say I never remember it when I finish. Once I even fell asleep yet wrote two full pages during my slumber.

You will have to read it several times because understand them can be difficult. This is something that requires thought. Think of it as a scholar explaining the world to an infant. Some of the writings are about events years into the future and without an event lived out can not be fully understood. Some writings were strictly about my life events but others are events everyone will be experiencing. One thing is certain, you will have to question how you treat others when you hear how they lovingly speak to us.

The guides that assist me are many and while I may hear from one of them tonight it may be another on another night. They call themselves by one name and do not separate themselves. The name they chose is Mason. I know your thinking the Masonic members like today but make no mistake they are not referring to them. I believe they are the original group of actual mason construction builders that lived before Christ. They were advanced people who lived separately from the villagers and limited their interactions because they would be misunderstood. If they were to share the truth about God they would have been killed for blasphemy. These masons were advanced in their knowledge and spoke a language that is no longer in existence. 

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