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What to expect during a reading

People are under the impression with this new age rise in psychic sites that I should be able to tell you everything. The commercials I have seen on TV for 'Hollywood psychics'  (all sites are connected in some way, some with different names owned by the same company) insinuates that after a reading they were able to find happiness, their life is going great now that they talked to a psychic, or their love life is on track because of the reading. What this tells the public is that if your life in any area is going wrong to just call a psychic and it will be fixed and life will get better. This is not my job or what I do. That is simply a commercial to entice people to call, it is just marketing. Psychics are not all-powerful or magical. They are not all-knowing. They are just human beings who sense, hear or see things with more potency than others.


   Think of it this way, some people have to take a class to draw, some must practice years to draw, some just can't draw and for some, it comes naturally. That is the same with every one of man's talents. Psychics and Empaths are no different. They can not make things happen for you. They can only give you options or prepare you. Some things are set like 'You will marry', 'You will have at least two children' or 'You will be in the public eye' but everything else leading up to a destiny point is your decision. If you were taught that psychics should know everything about a person's future then you are looking for a fortune teller, not me, and that is made clear in the Bible, God is against fortune telling because it removes free will and the client's responsibility for their actions. It also creates a false view of life through lies and manipulation from the fortuneteller who can make up anything they want. 


I am not a fortuneteller.





So what do I do, you ask?


The best way to explain is through examples.  Always have a question. Some clients say 'tell me anything you get' but I found most everytime they are angry I did not hit on what they considered important (this means they do have a question) because what the guides find important for your spiritual growth and lessons of life may be entirely different. You don't see a doctor and tell them to 'guess' where I am ailing and then tell them they were wrong. If you tell a doctor where it hurts but he diagnosis you with something in an entirely different area of your body you don't tell them it isn't important, what you say hurts is important. It may be that neglecting one area is leading pain to another area of your body or the pain you feel is minor and will heal on it own but something else is more pressing to heal that you are completely unaware of. 


Example:  A woman calls about her love life wanting to know about her future with her new boyfriend. Fair enough, let us look. I mentioned a few things when the reading changed course and I was compelled to ask if she had a daughter under 12? She replies 'We have no kids" I then reiterated asking 'but do you have a daughter under 12?' Turns out she did. What part of the question made her think I was asking if they had a child together?


I asked if the child played sports on a school team or something. She said yes. I asked her if there was a game coming up. She said 'yes, but what has this got to do with my question?' 

I said 'Because you need to tell her to be careful during the game. They will lose the game but she may get hurt playing, tell the child to be cautious..' I thought we would move on once that warning was given and return to her question but instead, she responded with a snapping tone saying 'I don't care about that! That isn't what I asked about, I asked about my boyfriend!'


I expressed a difference of opinion. She hung up and unjustly rated me. 


There are sites trying to prepare clients on how to know if the psychic is 'real'. The reason for this is that there are so many psychic sites that everyone appears to have suddenly gained this ability, not that many people don't have enough ability to give sound advice, but the genuine ones worked at it since he or she was young. One site numbered what she considered a fake psychic would say to them. One was 'they should not ask a bunch of questions'  I disagree. As the example showed you I was validated for each question. 'Did she have a daughter under 12' Specific question I could not have known. 'Was she on a sports team' Specific question I could not have known. 'Was there a game coming up' Again a specific question that once I validated this information I could give her the prediction 'She could get hurt' and then the advice 'Warn her' and as one can see she did not want to discuss her daughter at all. That is not fishing for information, that is accuracy. What was amazing is that while the guides found the daughter to be more important than her boyfriend, the mother did not. 



God, Guides and Taboo


I find that while people such as the mother above is seeking out spiritual guidance or the guidance from beyond as though we are mere messengers interpreting between two parties they don't want to hear what the guides (or some think Angels who sit around waiting to play advisor for them) have to say. How spiritual are they that harm coming to their adolescent daughter is less important than the new guy in her life? When you call for a reading about a subject on your mind try to be open to any and all messages that come through even if it has nothing to do with the question you asked.


Many who have called have told me they don't believe in God. Then who is giving the information? How can you request guidance from a spiritual place or person but express surprise when Christ or morals are mentioned?  You can't enter a reading with the idea that since you paid money I should give an answer the way you expect and limit the advice though you know our job is to promote your spiritual growth.


I won't say to a person 'Yes, steal the neighbor's purebred pooch, I see you will get away with it and you will sell it in less than two days' I will attempt to discourage such behavior and the same goes for cheating. I won't judge you and I will be honest in answers, but then I will attempt to sway you to think of what is healthy for all persons involved. I would try to get them to focus on healing the marriage or leave the spouse. People will decide what to do with their life, not me. But if you call those who believe God gives us Guides to aid us then expect a moral point of view. After all, that is what this business is based on.


For those who do believe in God but may think that going through me eliminates the responsibility or and lack of guilt because I am just a person like you.That I should have no moral or ethical obligation but to answer the question. What is the purpose of a reading if it does not help you in some way? Picture yourself going to God for his knowledge and saying 'Hey I want to talk and I want to know this but, please don't tell me anything else no matter how important you think it is, ok?'

He will literally answer nothing for you.                                           



Testing the psychic


When people seek a reading they think something so great and wise will be said that will amaze them or some epiphany they never thought of will solve all of life's issues. They will be told they will get everything they want and life will always be good. I say 'unlikely'. How often can you say things worked out just as you wanted and pictured they would? It won't be often. I know because most of my readings have a '' in there somewhere.  If you say 'Tell me about Joe Blow' I'm wondering how to interpret what I get. Is he related, a husband or potential boyfriend or a co-worker? What am I looking for? 


Example: A woman calls and asked about Joe Blow concerning romance. Says they have been casually dating for a short time but was he the one and would they marry? I said, believing this to be a short duration 'Joe blow cheats. He is dishonest. Get rid of him and look for another, you won't marry this one, keep your doors open.'  It rolled off my lips with confidence and clarity. It also amused her. She just laughed heartily saying 'We are engaged!' and laughed more as if she got one on me. So I responded with the only thing I could considering she lied to me in order to test me 'Well, let me know if you actually make it to the altar!'


When she disconnected I felt all of what I said has not changed. He is cheating on her, he lies to her and they may be engaged for a long time but the marriage was not forthcoming.  

If this woman had been honest I would have given this message in a different, sympathetic way. I would have said the same but in a way, she would have listened. Never test the psychic because either the correct answer will be confusing to interpret, misinterpreted or as I did with this lady say it cold and boldly.


Example: Another gentleman called and asked about work, finding another job. I asked him if he was in school? No. I asked if he was a teacher? No. I continued mentioning throughout 'Are you sure you are not going back to school?" having this feeling about school/teaching being significant. Near the end of the reading I mentioned it again "that's really weird why I keep getting a school, maybe you're going back for classes" I settled on. Then he laughed saying 'You're good' I asked what he meant and he said: "You were right all along, I'm a teacher." He was applying for a different school for fall. Thus, calling about a new job.


When a psychic repeats the same thing over and over though it appears to have no relevance, write it down. There is always a reason certain things stand out even if we don't know why. It usually means something to the client eventually. It also causes a risk of the person misleading the psychic to give a very undeserved bashing publicly. The ratings and comments mean a lot to the psychic since this can draw in or repel potential customers. It would not be the psychic's fault if the reading comes out all wrong, based on what the clients ask and any false information they give us. Psychics trust the client is being honest about the situation or question. Saying 'we are just casually dating' when in fact they are engaged will distort the view of what is trying to be revealed. 


Free will and the many roads


What many clients forget is that everyone has free will to chose. When it comes to love this is the most difficult to accept. If we utilize our right to say 'I'm just not feeling it, nice person but....' then we must understand the other person we may meet and like might not be feeling it either. If everyone fell in love with the first person he or she dated there would be no mismatches. It would be a perfect world. This is not the case. We cannot force others.


I find asking 'why' when a partner breaks up with the other something that should be avoided. Sometimes people fall out of love. If they stay together but one partner treats the other with hatred the reason could be financial or just abusive. That is when someone needs to start thinking about what he or she are going to do about it. Asking 'why' solves nothing and how can a psychic give them a reason that requires mind reading or psychology. Why was Ted Bundy a serial killer? Even a psychic won't have that answer. He is sick, deranged, was abused, hates him mommy are all answers. Doesn't take a psychic sometimes. 


There are readings were one co-worker will deliberately make another feel uncomfortable, embarrassing them, creating faults and even attempt to set them up. Why? It could stem from an unresolved past life issue.  It could be a personality clash with no big explanation behind it as some clients expect a psychic to have. Sometimes it is a simple answer. When you call a psychic don't anticipate what they will say or assume if they give the answer that is just common sense that the psychic has no ability. It may only be that simple and you knew it all along.

Many people are under the impression we can resurrect a vision or thought in an instant when asked a question, any question. This is not true. Free will plays a role. 


Example: A woman calls about a man she briefly dated and broke up with. The previous call we had she wanted to know if this man's mother would take her dog or would he stop her. I was accurate saying then that the mother would. She validated this with the second call but did not acknowledge it, in fact, she passed through the scenario as if it was the first time I heard it. Maybe she forgot she called me once before. It would be nice if we received some appreciation if we are accurate but instead, this is how the second conversation went.


She left the man because she felt he was to busy for her and wanted to know if she would hear from him. Seems to me if you already feel neglected after six weeks of dating to the point you break up with him why ask if he will call? Walking away hoping he will chase you is not the way to go about establishing a relationship or watching to see if he really likes you. It is called drama and most men are not fans of it. I gave the same prediction to her as the first time. You may talk to him again but you won't get back together. That's when her pride shined and she quickly says she already knows that because she left him. I'm wondering silently 'then why the question?'


The next question she asked is 'Who will he end up with in the end, you know, who will he end up with?'


No, I don't really understand. In fact, I'll scratch my head. Is there another girl? Does she mean after he has dated several? Whom is he going to marry or just remain with for the rest of his life? My question is 'What business is it of yours?' You dated him for six weeks, not six years. So I did explain I wouldn't know that. He has to decide this. He has to date people. How could I say "Absolutely five years from now he will be with a redhead named Janet that you don't even know" Free will. He chooses. What purpose does this knowledge serve to anyone?


She became angry that I could not say and remarked "You're the psychic, you should know" and hung up before I could say anything. I may know some things but no one is allowed to know everything. That would be fortune telling. I don't do this. I try to guide you towards the best decision that comes with your question.  Free Will.


 Example: A woman called asking if she would find a job soon. She has been out of work for a year. I said that she would get an offer in less than two weeks, after that it would be some time until another offer comes. Two months later she calls back asking the same question saying I was wrong! (clients have a talent for remaining silent if a prediction comes out but quick to let you know when you are wrong.)  I pondered this a minute. No work for two months now? Then it hit me and I said " You passed up an offer didn't you?" her reply was "Yes, but you should have seen that I wasn't taking the job" 


This would indicate we are puppets. We do only what God wants or every move from wiping our butt to beating children would be predestined. If we have no freedom to make decisions, rage or flirt or diet how do we learn anything? The best lessons are from our mistakes. There is no purpose to life if free will is taken away. So, I would not have known. The tone of her voice was so desperate for work that one would think she would listen to me. I told her an offer would come but after that, it would be awhile.  It is her choice but I told her there wouldn't be another for some time.


What am I to say? 'Miss, you'll pass up all jobs and another year will pass while rent is unpaid, your car is repossessed and homelessness appears viable' or what if I told her 'Miss, the next job is six months out. A few offers passed up but no worries something comes through just in the nick of time' and this person stops looking when in fact the job that comes in the nick of time is one she needs to apply for a week after the reading but since she thinks it's a waste of time for six months the opportunity has been passed up without ever knowing it.


Yes, some people think this way unaware that every action results in a reaction. Also, a reason psychics can not know everything about any given situation. Too much information can result in an altered future. There is never too little information, because life takes us to the important places anyway. Trust life enough to know there is a reason for everything, as long as we do our part earnestly.


Example: Let's say a person is hired the first time they apply for the right pay, resulting in no reason to search for the job their guides have designed for the perfect circumstances so that they meet their future soulmate. For this to occur, the timing and placement of everyone involved is crucial.


The first necessity is there has to be an opening, the second the person may need to be desperate enough to travel a distant or accept a lower position or even lower pay. To create this persuasion, a third necessity happens, and the person needs to be rejected several times, and money must have a squeeze, but not something they won't recover from later. The company only takes applicants at certain times of the year, so a call may not come for months. But this is okay, as long as they are still looking, and it gives the guides time to encourage the company to move the future soulmate into a higher position that gives more responsibility, requiring direct management of new hires.


Then the company during a hiring phase months after the job seeker submitted a resume that happens to have a familiar reference, catching the hiring manager's eye. His best friend's college room mate who fixed his car the one time they met, and whether it was the same person or not, is irrelevant. The flashback to better times was a positive omen that caused the call to that particular person. All by pure circumstance and a little nudge from the future hires guides behind the veil of the unseen. The person is called for an interview that will be welcomed without hesitation, because any job is better than eviction at this point. And the person had to reach that point of stress, or they never would have traveled thirty minutes out of town for a job. Since the future spouse had absolutely no plausible reason, or anything the guides could arrange to get the potential future spouse to them, they had to go there and work was the reason.


Now on to the new undesirable, unexpected but necessary job on the first day, where the future spouse is responsible for the new hire's training. There will be no breaks at different times, passing in the hall unaware of one another's existence. It is designed in such a way they will have no choice but to know each other before they would be bored or lonely enough to date others. The means justifies the end.


The reward won't be what they expect, but the end result will be worth the wait and stress, even if they don't understand it at the moment of endurance. Neither will ever know how important the events that happened were. Why one had to suffer with worry and near poverty, while the other lucky and elevating. The one would say 'I never want to go through that again' and the other might say 'Why couldn't we have met years ago?' What both would not know is that without each of their positions at that exact time, they may never have met, while living a very lonely future. They would not have been the same people years ago. They had lessons to learn before they could meet. If the one who cried, faced rejection, and shut off notices knew the whole truth, they would, in fact, jump at the chance to go through it all again. They just don't know the entire truth about how we all get where we need to be. This is what we call faith! 


Some people will argue that if it's a destiny, they will meet anyway. Untrue. Consider suicide victims, who wipe out not only their own experiences, plus everyone they would meet during their lifetime. Maybe they would meet eventually, but the complications immeasurable should both marry other people when they finally did. It is possible they would have to wait until another lifetime altogether. Free will to choose. So the guides do this, they guide us. The risk is we chose in the end. We need to appreciate our guides, loved ones from beyond, and Christ himself for willingly putting so much energy towards a goal only we benefit from, with no guarantee we will cooperate in the end. Think about that a minute. I think sometimes serious things happen to us that we see only as 'a run of bad luck,' but are truly the biggest blessings.


Maybe because we don't know what is going on, wearing blinders like horses, who see only what is in front of them, that God has so much patience and love for us.


Example: Another example of free will leading to a destiny point is my client, I will call her Miss A. There is always more than one path offered after every decision we make. We may always reach a destiny spot, but it may take longer to arrive. And as I explained, bringing more complications than needed had we made the right choices. 


Miss A had a boyfriend she lived with several times. Together they were a revolving door, while over the course of years split up to make up. Each time they would remain friends, until it happened again. She called him her soulmate, because however big the fight, they always remained friends after breaking up. What both neglected to consider while satisfying the passion is that neither one changed what was wrong in the relationship. 


Miss A calls me to ask, "He asked me to marry him, should I?" I could use common sense and laugh, but I wanted to look, because sometimes in life there are unexpected moments where things we thought could never succeed actually do. However, they would not marry and they would lose the friendship they managed to keep over the years. I recommended if they just remained friends, they would be friends for life, but marriage would end it. She insisted confidently this would never happen. They always stayed friends and always would, even if nothing else worked out. I ended it advising her to think about it first, because this is what I was getting.


Six months passed when she called again in high spirits, announcing they were married.  I congratulated her and said, "I guess I was wrong. I wish you the best, I'm happy for you!" 

But deep down inside, I wondered why I felt a negative outcome. I honestly felt they would not make it to the altar. I accepted my humiliation of this grave error. This is free will. Do I marry or do I not?. Two paths leading down two opposite directions. They chose to marry, which will change the current path and open two more. Success or failure. Both paths depend on their treatment, respect, communication and decision-making between them. They have full control to change the relationship and themselves if they want to. I hoped the importance of vows would encourage them. 


Three months passed before I heard from her again. Somehow the rotating door of their unchanged relationship was set. They had free will to stop or change. What I saw was the most likely path they will follow if they continued the way they always have while married. The recommendation was to reject marriage or lose each other for good. The now annulled Miss A said she will never forgive him or talk to him as long as she lives. They began arguing as they often had, but he lost his temper as she had never seen, and this altercation became physically violent. This never happened before. To this day, she has not spoken to him. He married another woman and has children, perhaps his destiny point. Miss A appears happy while walking her path without him, as was both their destinies. They could have been friends, but the intimacy was going to end eventually. When and how was all up to them.


I have encountered couples who truly love each other, but chose to remain separated. I have encountered couples who should not be together that won't leave. It is our choice. We are not born with the purpose of becoming a drug addict while homeless and untrustworthy. We are not here with only a purpose of being master over a woman or to be a victim of a man's brutality. Though to be tempted maybe a destiny, but we decide to partake or not. The destiny could be to meet each other, but it is our choice to abuse or allow abuse. 


My advice: Choose your path wisely when at the fork in the road

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